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July 25, 2007



YES! That would be just fabulous!

And I love the shirt - can't wait to see what else you come up with.


Those fabrics are beautiful! If you opened a little shop, I'm sure I'd be a customer. I can NOT resist pretty fabric.

Tracy Harris

Yes, some japanese goodness would be wonderful. Shipping might not be easy, but...

Those fabrics are beautiful!


I would love a shop with affordable and cute prints. I seriously drool everytime you show off the prints you have!


you know that i would be a customer :)

your shirt turned out very cute! i love the s


Oh my gosh YES!

And I love your shirt... and I do have a name that starts with an "S"... :o)


I'd be a very loyal customer... i love LOVE the fabrics and all the cute things you make out of them!


definitely interested. i love etsuko fabrics and everything in that pile looks pretty irresistible.


That's it you have said it out loud so there is no going back now. I would love to see a shop with more prints like what you have posted. Most of the other stores focus on the cutesy fabric. There is definitely a market out there for more modern graphic prints. Loving the third one from the top!!

Tips Of All Sorts

Hi! At first look I thot the used bulbs were grapes! lol!
Japanese goodness is good for me anytime. :-)



ohhhh I have bird on a ball but took their last metre and am not sharing it with the world! its gorgeous isn't it...if you can get your hands on fabrics like those get them and sell them...as belinda said its out there now so you better get organised.


Yes, you gotta open a shop now! I'm sure your stash is growing ever so big that you'd like to offload some of it....or not. I love your aesthetic in fabrics. I like everything in your pile, specially the one third from the top. I'm sure I'll be a customer.


I was very happy to read that you are considering starting a shop. I just discovered your blog and was immediately interested, as I have loved all things japanese for many years. I have never been there and know no one japanese - but I am so envious of your life there! Please continue to write more of your impressions and day to day life - all of us "Japanophiles" will love it!


What a fantastic idea! A shop - I can hardly wait to browse. Also, I wanted to say Thank you! My husband Jason ordered me a PG-5 and he was really happy it was here in time for Christmas! And in such cute paper! Your shirt turned out wonderful. I guess I had just been assuming that you are the gocco goddess this entire time. I am encouraged, but have decided to be extremely patient during the learning curve.

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