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March 21, 2008



oh I love those notebooks! I got some in japan last time, one with cupcakes and one with dresses in a store from memory! I love everything japanese and you are oh so lucky to be in land of kawaii!



I`m loving the fresh breeze that wafts in from the ocean, the stones my little one is intent on bringing home from our every outing, the call of the wood pigeon, the blue, blue spring skies, the chinchoge? blossoms that smell oh-so-sweet, the feel of spring in the air, the cool mornings and the range of kawaii new expressions my little one keeps making. spring rocks!


I am lovin' our bunnies right now! We have 10! 3 bunnies are kind of a brown/beige calico look and everybody else is black! That makes it kind of hard to tell them apart! I am also lovin' the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign which is all about not buying bunnies for Easter when they will end up in shelters....you have to dedicate at least 10 years to these little guys! So, everybody go out and buy chocolate bunnies instead of real bunnies!!!


Right now I'm lovin my family & friends. Nothing else seems important today.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


What sweet notebooks. I am loving having 6 days off work over the Easter break which is giving me more time to sew/quilt/read/bake etc. We are enjoying the cooler weather in Perth after a long hot summer. Happy Spring to you and yours.


Me, I'm loving the fact that my girls get so much pleasure out of me changing our bed sheets. Not only do they get to bounce on the unsheeted bed, but they also get parachute turns when the clean sheets go on.


I am loving that today we had enough crazy, fat, potato snow for the kids to build a (small) snowman yet three hours later it was all melted away by the brilliant sunshine that lasted for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!


Such perfect Easter cuteness! What I'm loving right now? The rain of cherry blossom petals and the scent of spring. I'm positively giddy in anticipation of longer days and warmer weather!

Tracy Huang

Hey, wonderful blog you have here! I'm living in Brisbane, Australia, and i love that it's autumn here! Fantastic weather, and loving every bit of it.
Have a wonderful easter! xoxo


Hi Leslie, I'm loving Autumn, cooler evenings and finding the time to catch up on all the little things, Such as Thanking you for my last order, am having much fun with my new numbers stamps and love 'Cotton & Paint'..don't have to include me in the draw just wanted to drop by. Happy Easter, Cheers, Elizabeth


I'm loving the last few beach days before our summer draws to a close. Fish and chips on the beach with friends, collected from the shop in a wooden row-boat. Lingering late in the day and digging in the sand as the tide comes in. Wonderful memories.


Those are so cute! I am loving the longer days. Even though it snowed this weekend and spring has been put on a small hold, the extra light is so helpful.

I am also loving the package from you. The tote was a surprise a few days after I opened it, I didn't even see it right away and then yesterday it emerged from under some things in my sewing room, and there was another burst of Leslie! Thank you, dear!


i wish i were in japan right now... actually, i wish i were in japan anytime! i was in tokyo this time last year and i wish i had come across your blog that time...


oh so cute!!
i am loving this sudden burst of creative energy i've been having. i don't know if it's the promise of spring or what but it feels amazing! i've missed it.


Quilts. I am loving quilts with their color, their expressiveness, and all their crinkly good-ness.


I'm loving learning Japanese and seeing all your quirky and cute Japanese goodness keeps me plugging away at it!


I am loving that I (finally) get to watch Amelie tonight for the first time!!

miho sakato

wooo,,, very sweet and lovely!

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