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March 21, 2008


Lourdes Aleman

I am currently loving the sunshine that comes through the big windows of where I work. It is most intense around 9-10 am. Because of the change in time from winter to spring, I can now appreciate its powerful presence much more. It makes my bay glow and makes my little nook very nice and toasty. It is very much appreciated in this corner of the world, where winters and long and summers are too short.


Oh my gosh, that little brown bunny is just the cutest thing! We had rabbits as kids. I am lovin' spring I have to say. Winter in Seattle can be a downer so when that sun starts to come out nothing makes me feel like the layers of winter dark are peeling off me more. Happy Easter to you too, Leslie!


I'm loving the weather were having here in California, US. It's rained at night and sunshine during the day. It's the perfect amount of warmth, right before our summer heat waves.


The brown bunny one. I am loving the light this time of year. The lengthening of the days. It makes one happy. Happy Easter friend!


i am loving the cherry blossom lined trees here in the west end of vancouver. so, so beautiful. one of my favourite times of the year. yah spring!

please don't enter my name in the draw, as i won your last giveaway.

happy spring!

Amy O

Oh, those are adorable kawaii notebooks!! I am just loving the daffodils coming up in my yard, the bright sunshine that makes us shed our sweaters by mid-day, and the hopeful promises of spring in each bud! (sorry if I sound overly poetic...but that's exactly what I see in a not-yet-opened flower -- hope and promise and possibility and reminders of all that is good!) And I am loving just the simple things of home.

Happy spring, everyone!


i am loving the fig trees whose green leaves are suddenly unraveling. bright luscious green unfolding. tis lovely.


I really really like that gumdrop one!


I love the colors that come with spring. The soft fresh greens, yellows, pinks, purples, blues...
And I love the twittering of the birds. Spring is wonderful!



i am loving the fig trees whose green leaves are suddenly unraveling. bright luscious green unfolding. tis lovely.


I'm loving the promise of spring, even though all we have here is a bunch of snow.


I am loving the sound of frogs in the evenings. Their song tells me "Spring is here!". I become so mesmorized by the sound. =)

Laura in South Carolina


Lately, I've been very content and happy with life - my business/work, my relationship, my friends and family... I'm really loving where I am right now in this moment. :) Happy Easter... Glad someone sent you some easter eggs!


Love my baby waving hello to everyone we walk past. It is a dainty little wave that reminds me of a spring leaf in the breeze.


I'm in Melbourne, so right now I'm loving Autumm. The weather is no longer 40 degrees celsius and the leaves are starting to turn wonderful reds, oranges and browns.


I'm loving the notebooks of course, the cooler temperatures (no longer 40 degrees), my upcoming trip to Holland/family, the blue skies, new furniture, my (yet to start) new job, part time hours, crafting, sewing, reading...well, that should keep me busy ;) take care and a happy easter to you & h-kun too.

MBC Design Studio

I'm loving the warmer weather and the blooming trees and flowers.

MBC Design Studio

I'm loving the warmer weather and the blooming trees and flowers.

MBC Design Studio

I'm loving the warmer weather and the blooming trees and flowers.


I am loving that my kitty is feeling better and may remain healthy!


gosh they're all cute. initially i liked the sweeties, but ooh what cute bunnies too!!


Happy Easter and Happy Spring!
I love Spring, though we are having hailstone, rain, thunderstorms and snow...
I love my husband coming back today from a business trip to Houston and Calgary.
I love to listen to his stories, to give him a big hug, I love hugs.

cindy k

i'm loving the thought that spring is right around the corner. it's pretty chilly here today, but you can see the early blooms of crocus and other spring bulbs popping up. i'm also loving the new fish we hope to get today! plus, the gum drop notebook.

happy spring and easter!

Katie Huggins

I am loving knitting right now, any malabrigo wool I can get my hands on and the stamps I just bought from your shop!!! Love them! happy Easter!


those are adorable! you find the cutest things! i am loving the warmer weather! i can take my son out to play more! happy spring! huggss!

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