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May 08, 2008



I have this problem. I usually wait to post about it, and then after I have given it, I forget all about posting it.


i can't wait to see the final products!


hmm.. what is it hmm.. I'm gonna wait for the next post! *teehee*


i bet i can guess those names. but i surely don't want to spoil all of the fun! :)

Veronica Darling


I always post pics of gifts, and have found they always get the receiver more excited! As most of my friends are interstate, it is quite nice for them to see what's going on and that they'll get a present in the post soon!



Hi Leslie,

I have just been looking through your shop. Oh I could spend so much money! I can't sew AT ALL (yep, my mum used to do my home ec assignments for me!) but now I want to learn just so I can buy some of that lovely fabric, and that bag book! (And the containter book) I'm getting this fascination with home-made bags...

I still love my gocco. I haven't made any more screens yet (am being a bit too precious) but I'm still so excited about the possibilities. I would love to see how these gifts you have made turned out!

(I also love the 'Just One' photo of the stamps in your etsy shop. I might have to get all of them though...)

I also still have that cute little kraft notebook - I write my to do list in it everyday!

I have a gocco question for you - Do you know if there is anything you can add to the ink to make it a little transparent? I love how the colours come out nice and strong, but sometimes in my artwork, I would like it to look like normal dye ink. Do you know if that is possible?

It looks like you are having fun!


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