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March 01, 2009



that's really pretty, and i'm not normally a fan of yellow. nicely done


I really like your quilting style, the criss-cross stitching, very nice. Your quilts are really beautiful, not in a complicated-it-took-forever way but a gorgeous fabric and design way!

Amanda Elizabeth

This is so beautiful! Every quit you've posted lately I've had the biggest crush on! That flannel print is so charming, are you going to carry it in your shop at all?


I really, really love your quilts. They are so simple in a good way. Very stylish I think. I am still working on quilt #1 and haven't decided yet whether I should hand stitch the binding or machine stitch ... your machine stitching looks very neat. Lovely.


Don’t you love another addiction? You quilts look really great!!


This is so beautiful! I so want to begin quilting...I guess I just need to start!


This quilt is sooo beautiful! I love the criss-cross stitching! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


Amazng quilt. Do the plain linen/cotton blend fabric on the back and the polka dot binding come from your shop?


It looks great and I think the fact that the back is flannel (and I love the print too) would make it seem cosier somehow!!


It looks great! I love the simplicity of the quilt and I really must try linen blends on my quilts sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


wow! it looks great. i love simplicity.


Hi Leslie,
I believe I did get the envelope you were referring to:
beautiful fabric and a Naomi Ito catalog! Thank- you, Thank- you...I actually posted about it on my blog a while back :)
You are so generous :)


Leslie, the quilt is lovely. The simplest and most quickly made quilts are often my favourites. Probably because you don't get sick of them during the making and planning. I'm sure your friend will treasure it.


oh my goodness
you really are addicted
i've been making quilts in me head
i hope to get to them out someday in the near future


You quilt stly is really pretty, and I'm normally a fan of yellow.Your machine stitching looks very neat and perfect.


ohhh love your quilts! its been a while since I've stopped by and loving what I see!



Oh, I love it. I love the stitching as well, I need to try that. And I've done both with the binding, but always seem to miss portions if I machine-stitch it. So I've been hand-sewing them and love that better. But yours looks so good. jeepers.


wow, you are on a roll!


Yea - love it! You are a quilt making machine! Hand sewing the binding, now that is something I could totally get into.


wow - hand sewing binding - I never knew about that. I watched the angry chicken bias binding tutorial video - that is a help !!

painted fish studio

beautiful. stunning. a work of art.


very pretty!! i love how simple but sophisticated it is!

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