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March 16, 2009



Sounds like a great weekend to me!


Glad you had a good weekend! I love love those flowers and it's colors! Wow, your quilt and pouches look great! Im loving and eyeing on that blue stripe pouch..yep that last one on the pile! hehe Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!


oh, it is about time we both had lovely weekends! hope your week follows suit!


Oh, the blossoms. Still so beautiful to look at.
The pouches look cute! Are they gifts? You should sell them in your store!


these photos are gorgeous leslie. thanks for posting, it helps when it is pouring rain here.


What a great reminder to me to stop and smell the flowers, even during a weekend sewing frenzy! I only wish I had cherry blossoms to see.


I love that first photo - the color is incredible, and it's such a clear shot. Are the finished pouches in your shop?


oh my those pink blossoms are beautiful!


I am simply in awe of how productive you are! I just hope that your apartment is an absolute mess - at least then I feel that things are in balance! I love your quilting activity too - I have two started for the girls, using squares of their old clothes, but it moves slowly. The other day I was at the fabric store looking at a lovely organic cotton batting and it felt so lovely, so snuggly warm, I just wished I was at the stage of doing that part of it. I've never made quilts before, but I'm most looking forward to putting the layers together and doing the quilting, the heaviness of it in my hands is very appealing.


Beautiful photos of the flowers, Leslie.

How often does one get to see a large group of unicyclists nowadays? That must have been a real experience!


Wow, your quilts are beautiful. And the spring flowers made me smile.


oh! there they are....


the blossoms are so beautiful! i want to see them in real life!
great job on the finishing of projects!


That flower picture makes me want to come visit you.

Go you with the quilts! You rock!


Your flower pictures are so beautiful, Leslie. Over here we are still very much wating for spring to arrive ... but some flowers have appeared during the last few days. I think I'll have to go out and take some photos before the snow will cover them up once again. I really do love your quilts they are so inspiring - can't wait to get my #1 done. Still procrastinating though - but I have practised the binding technique with another project and it turned out just fine. So maybe I'm getting there ...


Hi Leslie!
Your little parcel of fabric arrived today and I love it. My parcel for your sister in law is ready to go but I can't get to the post office until Saturday - so it should be on it's way then!!


Ooohhh the cherry blossoms are so beautiful! Well, your pictures are always incredible. You are a quilting machine! Sew like the wind, literally!

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