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April 13, 2009



after working with lots of traditional japanese men I'm pleased to hear that!!!!!

he looks like a keeper!


I can certainly appreciate the effort involved with this alphabet thing, (especially while battling the flu stuff) but what a joyous (for all of us) way to bid farewell to a place.


I am really enjoying seeing japan through your alphabet project! Thank you soo much for sharing and hope you had a good weekend! Have a lovely merry happy monday and love to you and yours!


So sweet.


What a sweet testament to h-kun, you are both lucky to have each other. Loving your alphabet project!


hishashi is so cute. :) you are a lucky girl, indeed.


Glad you are feeling better!
That husband of yours. So handsome. You can tell he is funny,and a good man.

Amanda Elizabeth

I'm so enjoying your posts about your Japan, its so inspiring and interesting!!! I feel like I'm learning something new each time I read you!!!


The alphabet is a great idea - cataloging all the things you love about Japan!


H-kun is so cute and what a great smile!


That is so sweet! It melts my heart. He is very handsome and I am sure is thrilled to have you too!


Such a sweet post about the h. and hisashi-kun. He looks cute and sounds like a good man!



So lovely, what a sweet post. He seems like a wonderful man!


is it ok to add -kun to a girl's name as well to make it endearing?

i usually exchange emails to a japanese counterpart in the office. we're pretty close although we haven't met yet. her name is kaori. i usually call her kaori-san. is it ok to call her kaori-kun? =)

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