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April 25, 2009


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we're lucky that we have real canadian superstore which carries some well known japanese snacks. but when i can't find something there i hit up www.jlist.com
shipping to canada isn't that bad and they carry loads of stuff.


Just wanted to say that I found your blog this past fall. I've been a regular reader since. Your stories affirm my great desire to travel to Japan one day and I too will miss it once you leave. :( Sounds like you had a great roll there though. I hope you continue to blog once you return to Canada. Have a safe journey and enjoy the ride my dear.


what a beautiful woman. such a nice photo.


She looks so sweet, I love watching the older women in any of the countries we travel to.


ohhh she looks sweet!

don't show that picture to my husband! he goes crazy over rice crackers and whenever we've been in japan he eats a bag a night! my favourites are the ones with peanuts inside!



I am with you on little old women. They are strong, but she does not look 87! I think part of her secret to staying young is on her head. I think I should use that idea so I am not a prune by the time I am 50.

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