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April 23, 2009


lauren gary

i just stumbled upon your blog, and I just want to put it in my pocket. You're so cute and positive! I wish you lived here and were my friend. And I wish I had time to keep up with your posts...but with 4 little ones to dote after...Good luck to you and your travels!


I feel the same way as Lauren, you always bring so much joy with words and visuals. It is going to be tough leaving, no doubt about it. I still miss Beijing will all of my heart and soul. I have never been the same and hope to return to live there for good, one day. Canada has its charms, I love Canada very much. In all that you do, if you enter it with a spirit of curiosity and wonder it will al be ok. You have your wonderful husband next to you and that is all you need to make any place home. Good luck sweet girl.


sad, wonderful, and beautiful...the perfect evening from the sound of it Ms. Leslie.


aw, that is so sweet. I know you'll miss that.

cindy : quaint

yes, the people. but, thankfully, you can stay connected in the virtual world. i've enjoyed all of these posts, leslie. i will miss your writings about japan.


aww!! we really wont be able to shop with you soon boo hoo ! but it has ben amazing doing the journey with you and just maybe you will be back and do it all again.of course your new adventure is about to happen so maybe we will get to experience that with you too. ENJOY your last times there for now, they are sounding very very special.

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amazing doing the journey with you and just maybe you will be back

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