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April 26, 2009


maya | springtree road

looks special and lovely. :)


Matcha, black sesame and azuki bean are my favorite ice creams....


I love the look of grey ice cream!


I liked the black sesame when I tried it but I am not sure that I could have eaten a whole scoop, now sakura ice cream I could have eaten a tree full!! I hope you enjoy your last 2 weekends in Japan and I will miss your Japanese weekend goodness....roll on Canada!

lindsey clare

matcha is love. i wish it was more available here - i mean in ice creams and such. you can buy the powder almost anywhere. i made my mum a matcha cake for her birthday this year!


I am SOOO looking forward to this. :) Thanks to you.


yum yum. i am going to make sure to make this. thanks for sharing! i've never had black bean, but absolutely love red bean.
when i got out for sushi with friends i also ask for three little bowls of ice cream - red bean, green tea and vanilla. yum-o!


I'm looking forward to your 102 spent in tokyo! I love that ice cream too! Have a wonderful weekend and love to you!

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