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April 19, 2009



Lots of luck to you and H-Kun in your moving adventures! It's so hard to fit everything in sometimes, but you'll make time as you need to. I'm sure of it.


Good Luck! Hope your move goes smoothly!


good luck! you can do it! xo


heaps of luck and i think you should do the love hotel thing before you leave !!!!!!


Best of luck! You'll be fine.


I love your pac-man t-shirt! All the best and i know you guys will be just fine! Love to both!


Good luck!


Good luck on the packing and moving! I can see you've made a head start already.


you are adorable!
i wish you more hours. if only...

Melanie O

Good luck, will certainly miss the shop but hope you keep blogging!


You can do it! Here's a wish for more hours :)


i wish for you all of it! love the pac-man shirt!!


Good luck with the move and everything that goes with it :) Love the shirt!!


I wish you lots of hours, and that the hours has more than 60 minuts. And boxes? They doesn't exist!
Enjoy every minut!


Good luck and safe travels! I wish you endless daylight and superwoman strength! :)


I am moving now and what a pain it is.. It's almost more productive to save it until the last minute so you aren't constantly looking for things and wondering if you have packed them already. That's frustrating.

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