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January 19, 2010



That looks beautiful. I've never heard of sashiko. Isn't it great to have projects that require our complete attention? A good way to get away from all other thoughts and stay focused on the present.


well that looks pretty cool. i had never heard of sashiko, now my interest is peeked. i will have to check out more.


I find sashiko fascinating. I drooled on a book I found once on a bookstore but didn't buy it. Did you make the stitching on the last photo?


Your stitches look so neat and tidy. I took a sashiko class a couple of years ago and started a square (I think it was meant to be a trivet or something like that) but never finished it. Maybe I will dig it out :)

A whole quilt of sashiko squares would look incredible. I don't know why but I always find sashiko very calming to look at - maybe it is because it is so orderly or because there is so much blue. It would be so nice to sleep under somethign so calming.


i've always been curious about sashiko. sitting in by the heater in front of the tv doing sashiko sounds so great. i hope you're able to find snippets of time here and there to continue!


Oh so beautiful! -kb


so beautiful. i was in the quilt store today and they had kits and classes for sashiko. i wouldn't have even noticed had you not shown us.

diane L.

There are quite a few wonderful sashiko books. You might also look at the work of Sylvia Pippin
http://www.sylviapippendesigns.com/ She came to our quilt guild and did a class. She does lovely things.


Lovely! I was at the book store today looking at embroidery books but now I'm intrigued by sashiko and off to hunt for kits online. :)

lindsey clare

i love this! i've never heard of this before either. but it's gorgeous. i admire anyone who does any time of hand stitching!


I hadn't really thought about trying it until I read this post- the examples here are really beautiful. It would be fun to embroider a dress with sashiko!

Blogless me

I am following a short sashiko introduction course and love it. Could you recommend a book, or site (preferably not in Japanese :-)!) about the meanings of the different designs. Thanks!

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What a great, happy news. Wishing you both all the best. Both on the same continent. That is just lovely and perfect!


Sounds wonderful!

I've never heard of it - but I LOVE IT. It sounds really relaxing.... a good way to focus on something and get lost in the details.


wow, gorgeous.


i love this post Leslie !
i found myself completely fascinated by sashiko before christmas; bought a book and promised to myself 2010 will be my sashiko year !
i'll certainly visit your shop for beautiful dark linens :)


wow love your sashiko. Any hints on a book that would be useful, especially for patterns. Happy Ssshiko ing, lol.


I too really enjoy shashiko. I recently made a quilt for my friends wedding with shashiko blocks. I added a 16mm take up reel for my friend. We are filmmakers and work together a lot. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hellovader/3999204632/in/set-72157603674404897/ Let me know what you think.

.girl ferment.

this is a gorgeous tradition and you have executed it so well.

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