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August 11, 2010



oh wow!!! beautiful picture! that onigiri looks totemo oishii!!! :) i'm hungry for one now!

wow! a baby girl?! i'm so excited for you and h-kun! i can just imagine the cute, cute things that mommy will be making for this lucky little girl! :)


A little girl? How wonderful! Congratulations to you and h-kun, and your soon-to-be daughter!


oh! you're having a girl! how exciting :) and mmm.. that looks like such a refreshing meal.


A girl how gorgeous - girls are the best! What will you do about balancing the cultural divide in terms of names - Anglo or Japanese, or are there Anglonese names??!!


a girl. so, so sweet. i am over the moon for you!


Congrats on your baby girl! The food looks lovely. I have been experimenting cooking different cuisines and was surprised by the white miso when I opened it, thought it had gone bad. So much to learn.


Those miso bowls are gorgeous.


a girl!!! whoohoo! i'm so happy for you! and too bad i missed you on your trip...:(

Lauren (from lucy jane)

Thank you for your lovely comments on my pinch pouch post (wow, inadvertant alliteration!) And congratulations! I have three daughters, each with her own distinct personality, and each as delightful as the next. Many happy wishes to you and your husband!


yummy! next time you are in vancouver, try shiso/ume maki at zipang sushi on main street. congrats on the onnanoko. think of all the things you'll be able to teach her.


I haven't checked your blog in a long time. (I'm sorry!) :) But what a happy surprise it was for me to find out the wonderful baby news! And a little girl....oh, your life is about to turn so much sweeter, my dear.

Congrats, congrats! I'm so happy for you and H Kun.


onigiri looks amazing! congratulations on the little girl. my 1/4-Japanese Ayako-chan (with her blond hair and blue eyes!) loves Japanese food. I'm sure yours will too.

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