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December 06, 2010


Jennifer the Iowa Expat

Congratulations! She's beautiful!


Oh, congratulations. precious.


SHE'S AMAZING! Congrats, Leslie and Hisashi. How cool that you are now a family. Stare at her as often as you can...because soon all you will be seeing is her back as she's running away from you. :) CONGRATS!!!


Lovely surprise ! Congratulations!!!



Carrie S.

Congratulations!!! Hope the transition is going smoothly for you and your family! She's beautiful.


My goodness. She is lovely. What a gorgeous baby. And I love her hat.


Welcome little Anika. She is so sweet.


congratulations! beautiful, utterly sweet!


Wonderful! Congratulations! My Alfie arrived at 31 weeks which was a HUGE surprise.
Enjoy the newborn haze x


She's beautiful - congratulations! What a great date of birth she got, too, the little one :)


congratulations!! おめでとう! i had a feeling you would birth before me (i'm due the 20th)...beautiful name! what kanji did you give her??


she's perfect! congratulations you two. christmas came early this year! xo, c


Congratulations to you all! She is adorable - enjoy every moment of her!


Congratulations, she looks totally sweet all wrapped up :) xoxo


Oh Leslie - she is so beautiful.
Congratulations and joy to you and H-kun!
Little Anika is so blessed to have parents like you - I just know you are going to be the best mommy ever.


Oh my! What a pretty little girl! Best wishes in these earliest days with her!


Congrats! She is beautiful :)

I love all that hair!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) i am thrilled for you and h-kun! my son was due on december 25 (11 years ago), but decided to join us 3 weeks early as well! :) (decmeber 5). i think you and h-kun are going to be wonderfully nurturing parents! :)

anika is beautiful. amazing how one can just gaze at their baby for hours and not realize the time passing by. enjoy *every* moment. you won't regret it. :)

congratulations again. enjoy and get some rest! :)


Oh, happiness! She is beautiful; enjoy every moment together. Congratulations to the new mom and dad!

Thea - mon ami

Congratulations and welcome anika!!


oh congrats you both!!! :D


oh leslie, what amazing news! congratulations to you both. xox


Congratulations!! Like everything else you do, she is made beautifully! I know you will treasure every sweet moment with her.


oh leslie, she is stunning! what a beautiful little girl! congratulations to you both, how exciting!

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