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December 23, 2010



Leslie - I do hope that you continue to see progress in the tiredness and stress department and that as you say each day there are improvements. Anika is adorable and it's easy to see why you are so taken! I'm also glad that you are getting lots of help - I never understand why people would want to do the motherhood thing alone - having seen my friends who are in couples.....she will light up your live! She will bring untold joy.....

As for recording her prescence - there's only one I've seen - over at Making it Lovely - where Eleanor's monthly birthday is photographed in a similar dress, on an Eames Rocker with a number badge displaying the months - it's similar to the one you've found already. http://makingitlovely.com/2010/11/29/nineteen-months-old-eleanors-monthly-photo/

Have a very merry Christmas!!

Lisa Fine

She is just beautiful. Thank you for your honesty. I would love to have a kid or two one day but fear the feelings that come in the first few months.

I love Elise Blaha's blog and work. Maybe she has some scrapbooking ideas. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and new year.


Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!

I'm glad you have a family and friends there to lend a hand and help smooth the way.


Oh wow, so beautiful, both of you! Congrats and all that. I hope your tiredness and anxiety goes away soon. I love that series on Flickr! Not sure I have any better ideas but looking forward to seeing them. :)


everything new is hard in the beginning ... you're going to be fabulous and probably already are. wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful holiday. i love your photos as they are! xo, c


Instead of a full body picture, you can do a foot print each month on fabric squares, then (since you're such a wonderful quilter) make a quilt out of the squares. If you want to do pictures, have the same large stuffie next to them, or laying on a large quilt in the picture, to see them start to fill up the quilt/get as big as the stuffie.


dear leslie:
i have never had children and so i am afraid i can give you no useful advice, tips or sound wisdom about all the amazing things that are happening to you right now.
but i have indeed had times of great stress, feelings of overwhelmness and fears for the present and future.
here is what worked for me during those times:
simply repeating to myself whenever i had the presence of mind to do so the word "joy". and all that word implied to me i would feel. and i would have peace. and actual joy would come into my heart. and everything would fall into place and perspective.
i hope this will work for you. when times get tough. when you are beyond tired.
love to you and sweet baby anika. and your h-kun.
peace and joy!!!!


L she is beautiful. There is nothing, nothing as challenging in this life as mothering a new born baby, particularly your first when everything is new. The love, thank goodness for the love, because it can be so hard.

Be gentle with yourself and I'm glad to see that you have already accepted help and support because it makes all the difference. A day at a time is the best way, focussing on the individual monments, not length of things. In hindsight you won't believe how fast the time has gone, I promise you that the challenging moments will pass and soon be forgotten, the good times will far outweigh them. Enjoy Christmas with your beautiful daughter.



hang in there, fellow leslie. babies are hard work. they just are. people say this {sort of} but you just never realize until you are in it, exhausted and frustrated and just a little bit scared. but the days go by and things get easier. they just do. people say this too and you will see, it is true. you already adore your sweet girl, just imagine the day, only weeks from now when she will look up and you and smile, smile, smile. hang in there, take so many photos it is not even funny, write about her every little move (if you can find the time, the energy) because, although it seems hyper real now, it is so hard to remember these hazy first days and weeks, later, when life begins to feel normal again. xox


Oh hang in there dear Leslie. It's so hard I know, but it does get easier & more rewarding. My babe is 8 months & I think I spent the first 6 months in tears. It's so hard to hold it all together on very little sleep.
I take a monthly photo with a gorgeous little handmade teddy bear. It's so nice to see how he's getting bigger compared to the bear & how his interaction with it develops each month. Maybe next month teddy will be thrown off the chair!
All the best with your sweet Anika. She is divine.


What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations to all of you on sweet Annika's arrival, and I wish you every moment of happiness and love together. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions on how to document her development, but I look forward to seeing what you decide on :)

Happy Holidays to your new family of three!


I love this idea from AshleyAnnPhotography http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2010/07/13/her-first-year/. If I could rewind the time with Olive I would try to attempt it for sure. Seems doable and easy.
In new parenting remind to be gentle with yourself. It is a LOT you have going on right now. Don't forget to spoil yourself. Just with little things. Hot cup of tea, crap TV, extra rest,... They make wonders.
All the best to you and your cute family. Merry Christmas. May the new year be even better than 2010.


Hello Leslie, I saw this the other day and its not pictures, but is sure looks like a fun way to document each day with your new little one.



She is a beautiful little girl, Leslie. I don't have any children as yet, so I can't give you any practical advice in that regard. What I can say from other times I've had of high stress and anxiety - just keep on keeping on, whatever way you can! x


It is so refreshing to hear people being honest about the experience of becoming a parent- the challenges, ups, downs, highs and lows. So often you only hear the highs, and in my experience the lows can be pretty overwhelming.
Hang in there- the only certainty is that what you are dealing with now will change- you won't be dealing with it forever.


she's here! and she's beautiful! congratulations! know that it will get easier, and she will someday sleep and so will you!

i had a hard time deciding on photo documentation too, and finally i made my own. with a little one there is no way i could remember to do the same thing each month, so whenever time allowed (once a month) i would do a special photo shoot with mateo, then post my faves and title it :at 7 months mateo:, listing his monthly changes and likes etc with the photos. simple and easy. can't wait to see more of your little one!

Outlook 2010

I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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