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December 27, 2010


Veronica Darling

Congratulations on such a darling little baby! Just caught up on your news and saw your dear pictures, so wishing you as much sleep as you can get, and I'm sure she's just going to keep getting beautiful each day.

Best, Veronica


Hi Leslie,
I bought some fabric from you on etsy some years ago but couldn't pay for it cause my paypal did not work.

Found your blog through the Pink Penguin's and am so glad to see you again. Hi to the little one too! Enjoy motherhood! She's a doll.


Congratulations! She's beautiful.


What a beautiful baby!!

Every picture you post looks like she is growing right before our eyes!!

Congratulations and I love the baby things you made, very clever and one of a kind.


such perfect gifts for a perfect baby!

wishful nals

she is oh so precious. xo


anika is so gorgeous ... i would love to learn sashiko. the blanket is lovely; i like the different colored threads. i did get a gift certificate from purl for christmas, so maybe! happy new year you three!


Oh, this post gave me the warm fuzzies :) Anika is so sweet, and you are obviously loving being a mama. That sashiko blanket is amazing too! I can't even imagine all of the work your friend put into it.

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I cannot imagine women actually enjoying making them!sf

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