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April 03, 2011



so sweet to see her on the same chair--I really wish I had done something similar with my little ones--it's amazing what a difference one month makes!


she is really growing into that chair. so dear.


ahhhh...she is laughing! :) i love babies' laughs.

oh...i'm still teary from reading this post. yes, enjoy EVERY moment with her. it is all soooo fast. there are times when i feel nuts with my kids, but really, i love every bit of it and wouldn't have it any other way. i can so relate to you. the other week i started crying as i was driving. so much so that i started having a hard time breathing. my oldest is a freshman in high school with two months remaining in the academic year. it has flown by...not just this year, but his whole life with us. i SWEAR i he was just born and i was cuddling him and carryin him everywere. i panicked in the car b/c i realized that if he goes away for college, it will only be 3 more years of him livng with us! i was never able to build a tree house for him, give him a cozy space, etc. aaahhh! i just can't imagine life without all three of my children in the house! my husband had to calm me down when i got home and tell me to enjoy the moment. i try.

i feel you.

anika is beautiful and i can tell she is so wonderfully loved and cared for.



So very beautiful - thank you for this window into your lives :)


My son is eight years old, nearly 60 pounds, and I can still carry him up to bed if he's sleepy. As they grow bigger, you grow stronger. You'll have many years with your daughter in your arms. :)

Amber Lee

I was mesmerized as I read this wonderful insight into life with your little one. Thank you for sharing the love.

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