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July 23, 2007



Don't tell me I will be tempted by kids clothes as well as fabric! I'm hoping to make it over to Tokyo in October. Have fun playing with your gocco. I found one in a thift store here about a year ago for $AU5.00. I haven't done too much with it so far. A friend just got back from Japan and has brought me some supplies. I would love to print off some tape. I haven't had much luck so far. I don't know if my screens were faulty (found with gocco) or it's the ink. I used cloth ink, but I have heard some people use a combo of cloth and paper ink to get the right consistency.


oh, now i am even more jealous of you: print gocco?! i have been stalking them on ebay. someday! can't wait to see what you make with it.

looks like you had a great weekend.


The only time i've had roll kucken was when my mom and i came out west for [great] grandma's funeral. That's the only time i remember having it. i don't like watermelon so much but i remember i loved the kucken... mmmm.... i made waffles and waffles sauce a while ago, i need to make them more often. Mmmm...


I hear print gocco machines are real cheap over there. Here the basic PG5 set will set me back about AU$250...so I'm waiting for a very good excuse to get one. Can I ask how much are they over there?


I have never even heard of a print gocco machine! The roll kuchen look amazing!

erin k

i learn many things when i come to your blog. plus, it is peaceful to view. peaceful, and exciting all at the same time.

i look forward to your next creation. ps---i am pretty sure the "donuts" will be a hit with the future kids.


hello , I heard about your blog through the lovely tutti fruiti ( who lives 5 mins away) and jade and what a wonderful blog you have! I 've just got back from japan and I wish I'd been reading your blog before!!!!!! I loved it and have that same gocco, mine hasn't been used yet but I just love it and I stocked up on supplies for it at tokyu hands.


When i bake buns I often make fritters for lunch - deep fry some of the dough that I've stretched into an oval - those are almost as delicious & as much fun to eat.
Enjoying a great visit with your Mom. Wish you were here.

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