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September 28, 2007



You are some amazing writer yourself!
Love the Japanese tea-towel design!


Those books look great...hmmm, seems I have some reading to do. And the towel! Love.


i have the tenugui addiction too...that one is particulary nice..


I've got an outstanding stack of not-craft books to go through, too. Leftovers from the days before bub. And the print on that towel is so apt! Guess you won't be using it as a towel. :-)


i figured you would be a reader. your own writing style is so unique. i think i need something like Elizabeth Gilbert right now. Before Arlo days i read acupuncture and Chinese herbal texts. When pregnant i read Mothering, Spiritual Midwifery, New Active Birth... after his birth i read Diaper Free, Unconditional Parenting, You are your Child's 1st teacher, the No Cry Sleep Solution...and ever since finding time for myself again i can't get away from all the fantastic craft books out there. Seriously. i need a little Eat Pray Love.


Hi Leslie,

I am in the middle of Eat Pray Love right now and enjoying it very much. Elizabeth Gilbert took an adventure I can only dream about in another lifetime. How nice it is to read and escape even just for a little while.
Happy Reading!


glad you gave that synopsis. i have seen a lot of people reading "eat pray love" and to be honest, i thought it was one of those Christian diet books. You know "God doesn't want you to be fat, so your body is a temple" type stuff.


Eat, Pray, Love is good, I am glad you enjoyed it. I just finished 1000 Days in Tuscany, very nice before bed book, especially since it is about one of my favorite subjects, Italy. I am about to start Three Cups of Tea, looks very interesting.


Cute towel. Sounds like a good plan: Read yourself to sleep and then dream of sewing.


In the middle of eat pray love.....i do love the journey......i just wish i could read more than one page before i fall asleep...


Eat Pray Love is a really good book, I just finished it. That 50 facts one sounds good too.


Lovely fabric. I love that 50 things book!

knit, crochet, stitch stick

the 50 facts sounds like one i would like to read. There's so much we dont know.

I love the fabric, looks like my sewing machine

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