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September 20, 2007



Hey, I'd wear those shoes, but they might be a little too big for me. I might look like a clown. I wear a size 7 1/2 to 8. Hmmm...I'll e-mail you swap suggestions anyway.


you're so funny! I don't think I'm really the pink converse wearing type either, though.


I would love to give them a new home... I actually just bought the same pair for my 2.5 year old... Please let me know... also, they are the perfect size for my 8 1/2 foot! :)

Would be so happy to send an assortment of goodies your way in exchange!!!


I had ones exactly like these when I was in university, and my feet were size 8 1/2 then...after having my babies, I'm now a good size 9. Guess I'll have to find a different way to reclaim my youth!


I have black ones with Mickey and Minnie on them, bought new at a garage sale for $1. I save them for special occasions, like when I work at my kids schools. I'd love pink ones but my feets are too small.


my feet are way too big.


Hey! Did I just win the fab tote bag?! Thanks so much! Could be karma....and I'd love to give those pink chuckies a nice home, but since my hoofers are smaller I think I'll sit this one out. :-)


My feet are too big or I'd definately want to do a swap for them. I don't know if hot pink shoes are my thing but that wouldn't stop me. BTW your PIF is on its way to you.


hmmm - think I will pass. Don't you hate impulse purchases!


I bought a pair for my 15 month old when I was in the US. I'd loooove to join in the swap but I'm afraid my feet would be swamped in those- too bad you're not a 7!!


I would love them, with jeans and a black sweater I'd most likely wear thebm out...they are too small for my big feet! -k


They are the right size for me, and pink looks really good on me - I think I could wear them to work! BUT - what could I swap? Is there anything of mine you want? :)


Are they gone yet? They are too cute!

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