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November 05, 2007



what a fabulous adventure your mama went on...living in Japan. it must have been wonderful to experience that with her. i'm sure she was thinking about you too today...


Thanks for the tribute. I feel it a privilege to be YOUR mother!


I agree! your mom is amazing. I'm happy to live with her. your family is great.


Happy 60th birthday to your mama Leslie! Wonderful, I love women who stay energetic and are embrasing life. She will be so proud of you too! You manage to live, study and work in Japan! My mum is 86 and still going strong.


oh, happy birthday leslie's mom!!!
sounds like a very good day...bobsledding on you birthday?! WOW!


She sounds wonderful! Happy birthday to your mom, what a lovely birthday tribute.


Happy birthday to your Mama!


Happy Birthday to your mama! So lovely.


What a beautiful post, leslie. I know just exactly how you feel not being there - I lived many hours away from my mother for most of my married life and am only now closer in proximity to her. There will surely come a time when you get to see each other more often - to your hearts content! Thanks for sharing your love and the wonderful story of living in Japan those years ago with her. What an inspiration! Happy birthday leslie's mom!


Oh, now I want to know more about your Mom! What prompted her to move to Japan? And then you? I know it must be hard being so far away. Happy Birthday to your Mom!


happy birthday to your mom!


How fantastic! You were both living in Japan?! Your mom is definitely adventurous. Happy birthday to your mom! (I kept typing "mum" and had to keep correcting, LOL!)


I think you have the wisdom of a 60-year old. So you kind of know what it's like for H.B. already!

Also, my friend Hugh is going for the Olympic Bobsled team in 2010 in Vancouver. Maybe H.B. wants to tryout for the team? I would not be shocked if she won gold.


Hi Leslie? Could you please email me on meeghanrose@hotmail.com I am to pay it forward to you re owl purse from Fiona. Cheers Megan


Awww. Happy Birthday to your mama!


Hope she has the best birthday yet!


Oh, I wish you could have, too. Happy birthday, Leslie's mama!

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