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November 20, 2007



ohhhhh...what a very good plan it is. maybe bike a bit at the beginning, and then you can buy bunches of amazing stuff-everyone wins! :)


I’ve been to Scandinavia many times, you will love it!!! How exciting!


I'm glad you don't know any bears with names.

Mary :)

I'd love to visit Scandinavia, hope you get to go! My sister wants to go on a bike tour of the wine country in France. I don't get it, taste wine, then get on a bike? I'm all for the tour bus!


Oh fabric, fabric, scandinavian fabric.

lindsey clare

how funny! my husband has a cousin named Julie and her husband's name is Mike :)


love the story book - too funny!

Scandanavia? And a stop maybe in England??? Maybe to attend a ceremony of some sort??? Who knows - who knows... who knows. I am saying that way too much.

Hope you are well friend!

Tracy Harris

man, I would love to go to Scandinavia!


Sugs and I are going to Copenhagen and Stockholm for the winter. Will let you know how that goes.


i hope you get to go on that trip too! Lucky. Cute illustrations.


You really should take a bicycle tour in the archipelago near Turku, Finland! It's amazing and very tourist friendly but not a route packed with tourists. You can read more about it in here:

Come visit us in Turku, we're quite friendly :)

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