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November 15, 2007



I love the stamps, the ribbons, the fabrics, I love it all! Thanks for organizing another wonderful Etsy-Sell!!


Bummer...I will be in London! UGH! I guess that's good?


the fabric, the stamps! oh my.


i really need to figure out this time thing! :)


more lotta!!! oh, the love.


Noticed in one of your pictures the one with the hat I just bought that book the other day and it's got some great ideas. Check my site at out it's www.sewstylish.wordpress.com


can we swap some lotta for the bib? i have it pieced...still want baby 3 on it or has that baby been born? i am such a slacker....


oh boy!!!


I can't wait! I have wanted some of those stamps since I saw them on Hyena In Petticoats blog. -kb


Oh no, better prepare my bank account for November 30.... :)


How exciting! Lotta and stamps....I'm hanging out for the numbers stamp. I've got the letters set already, and somehow assumed that the numbers were also included. Dang! What time are you setting the update for this time?


exciting. i've been checking out your etsy shop lately. i like to see what's new. Love the stamps.


Oof! says my bank account because I *love* the stamps.


love it all and can't wait! i got my fabrics from my last order yesterday, love that they were in a shoe box, were they h-kun's adidas? have you figured out what time yet?


SO COOL. Those stamps are my favorite - I picked them up when I was there last fall and use them all the time. YUM.

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