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January 10, 2008



I really, really like the way you present this 'different' world to us. I enjoy reading your posts every day. About your life and life in Japan.
We too have that cleaning tradition in Slovenia. But before Christmas. I just wish I had more energy to do it all. Cleaning, decorating, wrapping the presents,... I wish I had a bit more of Japanese diligence in me.


Ooh I like the cleaning thing...but maybe it is good that places are smaller there...this house would be a bear. The culture is amazing there...the cardigan would be very nice to have as well. Did anything make it to where it was going? Did your friend get any packages, or, your mom? let me know...


Okay the postcard thing has to be the coolest thing that I have every heard. Man I wish I lived in Japan!


I love hearing about the Japanese traditions and I'd love to go and see it with my own eyes. But you're doing a good job of being my eyes!


I think the cleaning thing is a good idea, but the timing makes it a bit stressful, since they are trying to get ready for the holiday as well. You didn't mention that staff have to clean their work areas also! Remember you and me cleaning Merry England???


so great.
and yes. the cleaning thing. i should get off of the computer and clean every nook and cranny.
love your sweater!


i like these traditions so, so much. so much. every single one of them. maybe i was japanese in a past life.


sounds like a lovely time. starting fresh for the year ahead. spending time with family. all the best to you this new year. xo


Thanks for sharing the most amazing Japanese traditions. To receive all cards at once on January 1st... Can’t believe that would work anywhere else on this planet!


oh leslie, what a great post. Thank you so much for seeing these wonderful things and then sharing them with us. We all love to hear about the smallest details of japanese life, so please don't stop. My favorite thing in this post were the photos of the food. So exquisite! You are so lucky to be there and to share in your new family's traditions. Isn't it all so wonderful?


I love the Japanese way of celebrating the New Year. Sounds like a refreshing version of what we do for Christmas here (except I don't clean like that). Thanks again for sharing your cultural posts.


i think i might starve if i lived in Japan. but i would be full of love and postcards. that is cool.


Wow, sounds absolutely lovely. I cannot imagine a post office that sorts and holds all the postcards and delivers them on the same day. That is amazing!


Wow. I am amazed at the post card ritual. I like to follow that clean slate as well but I am fortunate enough (well, because I work my hiney off outside the home) to have someone clean for me once a month, whew.


so fun! i need to come to japan for new year!


I just love your posts about Japanese life. I can only imagine what it must be like for you over there with such different traditions and activities. It must be wonderful.

I am totally impressed with the nengajo! Now that's a good mail day...


We used to do the new year's cleaning ritual when my sister and I were kids, too. It must be an asian thing. My mum still does it. And I remember getting little money pouches on new year's day from aunties, uncles and grandparents. Again, it must be asian. We haven't done anything like that since we move to australia. And that mailing day! Very impressive!


I really love the New Year's day postcards. I am impressed that they save it all for one day to deliver.


You know I need to move to Japan now just to partake in the new years postcards! What an amazing tradition. Your updates about japanese life make my day:)


Hi leslie!
I flew in here from 'sew insight'.
I LOVE your blog. I'm gunna hang here for a while if you don't mind.
May I put you on my links list? Xxx


Love this post - love learning more about traditions over there.


as always, thank you for sharing. I miss my time in Japan... but you help remind me of the many things I love.


i spent my new years day cleaning too. unfortunately the house wasn't given the thorough treatment - i spent the day outside removing dead leaves & weeds from the garden. it was nice to finally have warm weather in southern california.

p.s. i love sweets too. if i could eat cake, cookies & ice cream all day i'd be as happy as a clam.

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