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January 23, 2008



my grandparents live in israel where instant coffee is very common. it always surprises me. but they love it. though their coffee is not called creap! so funny.


This makes me smile too. Wonderful!


As I sit here drinking my cappuccino made on my home machine, I am thankful not to have to add some Creap to it - thanks for sharing!


very cute!
makes me smile also.

: )


hm, "creap" is a word that doesn't even sound appetizing coming off the tongue.


This is scary...because I like creap in my coffee. Not your creap, but the creamy non-dairy stuff. I think I would have fun shopping for food in Japan.


it was probably a corporate decision- passed down through so many people nobody knew what was going on anymore. and they got..creap

lindsey clare

Creap sounds about as appealing as Pocari Sweat. but i am still keen to try them when i get there in May! yayyyyyyy!


I had to put "creap" in my coffee this morning actually! It was that or black and I was desperate at the office.

oh no I won't be able to call it by it's proper name again!


Good that it doesn't write 'crap' or 'creep' on that label... :)




It sounds like creepy.. that you should not add it into your coffee.. hehehe


that is awesome!


how funny! I wonder what they are thinking :)


I totally remember being in Tokyo and just laughing and scratching my head over and over at the "English" they would put on things...all of it totally unrelated to what the item was! lol
I had bought a jean jacket there and it had a label on it that said it was a really cute bread for everyone to buy for boys!! Sooo odd!!


Ugh, creap sounds exhuasting, rather than peppy, like coffee. I wonder if they combined the Creamy and Powder that is written above it and that's how they got Creap.


That's hysterical. I mused about the same thing when I saw "ill store" in Tokyo. But that jar of creap is so funny.

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