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January 15, 2008



what an exciting, unexpected experience. those are the best kind!




now that's amazing


what a treat! a gift. a marvelous experience. i imagine that you won't ever judge a book by it's cover again!


i love the soap dispenser...and everything. i would be afraid of walking into a place like that--i'm the most impulsive shopper when it comes to cute, quirky, unneeded but highly wanted things! it's the little things like that that make me smile. that make my day.
sounds like your day was amazing. what a great way to start out the new year!


What a great story. I can imagine you still feel a bit giddy. Good of you to respect Shinzi Katoh and keep his words and photos private.


cool story leslie! i love the unexpected (happy) moments of life.


What a wonderful experience. I am so happy that it worked out that way for you and that you were able to share a bit of your story and sweet items.

Kal Barteski

SUPER COOL. That was a gift from the Universe for sure. Go Universe Go!


Wow. You know, you should write down the details of the visit for yourself (or future generations in your family!) so you can look back later. You may think you will never forget but..... I like that you have not shared the details. Everyone deserves their privacy. Wow.


That's crazy! Someone asked me once if Shinzi Katoh was just a myth and not an actual person at all. So wish I was there with you!


i'm so jealous. what an awesome experience.

Janet Rhoads

That is just so awesome! I am so happy for you that you got to have that experience. I really respect the fact that you aren't sharing the rest of the details too!


wow. that is just incredible.


that story puts a smile on my face, life is full of unexpected treats, that's something you will remember forever, what a happy memory you have!


wow, what an amazing experience. -kb

How wonderful - sounds like a great experience and memory to cherish. Thank you for sharing!


Oh what a fantastic experience. Wonderful to meet such a great designer. Thanks so much for sharing and I love all the goodies you bought.


Oh wow, lucky you!!!


Wow! How exciting! I'd feel giddy in your shoes, too.


I am so jealous.


You are quite fortunate. I hope you were deeply inspired.


what a fabulous experience. so happy for you!


jealous! what a great experience for you!


Wow, that is really cool, Leslie!

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