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January 21, 2008



I used to love nikkujaga when Hatsumi made it. But she made it wtih beef. Hers was watery too. I'm sure yours was delicious - it sure looks good.


awww what a sweetie. i'm not a big meat person either. what is the side dish in the picture?


Oh, so cute he is. You're a lucky gal to have him.


I love inspirational/encouraging quotes and this ones a beauty!!!
I'm curious as to what the green dish is in the pic too.. It looks absolutely mouth watering.


Aww h-kun is so sweet. :)


He's so sweet!


you are sweet! nikujaga is so simple it is complicated. your spinach looks yum!


We learn all our life, so I am sure you will make it better the next time. If there will be one, of course. The food looks really delicious.


Looks yummy to me! I have never personally made nikujaga but I do like it!

My boys favourite dish is hayashi rice (Hashed beef with rice??) but I make it slightly different to the Japanese way...I add bacon and a little sour cream (And grate the carrot since I won`t eat cooked carrot but if it is grated I don`t notice) Then I put in onion, potato, enoki and sometimes mini tomoatos too so that it is not too beefy! You could try this with just the veggies and the ryu and it would be good I think!

Originality is good! I am sure it was brilliant!


well, it looks delicious.

I've been following your blog for a while, and thought I'd just say hi. I enjoy your blog very much. And I'm very, very tempted by your shop. :)


yep. you two are just sooo "good" together!
love it.


When you come home for a visit, you should make some classic 'goodness' like cupcakes and cookies for Zoey...aka me!


I just scrolled down to January 8th! We love it!! I realize now that I have missed a ton of posts. Sad.


whatever that is looks delicious! now you;ve got me craving for jap food.. :)

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