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April 24, 2008



I would buy myself one being in Japan. To enjoy the different culture that I can have at home. Here people would probably stare at me if I walked around with an umbrella in the full sunshine... :)


i vote for the umbrella! i'm in favor of anything that will keep the sweat at bay and look stylish at the same time!


Is that the Inuyama festival? Isn't it fun? I took lots of photos last year.

I am definitely a fan of the sun umbrella. I brought mine home. Remains to be seen whether I'll have enough "I-don't-care-how-silly-people-think-I -look" in me to actually use it! Of course, it's just barely spring here, possibility of more snow on Friday, so I've got time to prepare myself :-)


First...I really enjoy your blog.

Second...I'm Korean American and when I took a trip back to Korea in my high school days [about 20 years ago], I was told by my Korean relatives that being fair skin is more desirable than being tan because in the old days, the lower class worked outside in the fields thus getting tanned. The upper class didn't do this type of labor so they stayed fair. Don't know if the Japanese culture hold the same belief but this is what my aunt told me.

But in the western culture, a tan is a sign of health and perhaps wealth [the "I just went on a sunny vacation" look]. [I didn't get that from my aunt...but some documentary somewhere. The things you pick up watching tv] =)

Personally, I don't like the feel of sunscreen + sweating...So I would love the higasa.


It is really so much smarter to want to stay pale than to want to be tan. I'd love for it to be cool to carry sun umbrellas here.

how hot does it get in the summer-summer?


oh yeah. i vote for the umbrella. i wear sunscreen all year now. everyday. trying to avoid another trip to the doctors. unfortunately, i think the damage is already done. trying to prevent more though.
get yourself the umbrella!!!


yes-get the umbrella!

Creature of Habit

I would do well in Japan, I'm practically see-thru. Not in a good way. I feel all sorts of pressure to be tan, they are literally spraying it on over here. But, I wont. I think it's strange (the obsession with orangy skin). I would love a higasa.

I love your local updates on the things you are adapting to!


hmm.. i maybe can still stand the heat because in Brunei is hot and i always wear sunblock (but sometime it didn't work as i always get sunburn urgh!)I love to have tan skin but my boyfriend wouldn't allow me.boohoo.Here in Brunei, you will rarely see people use umbrella but only use umbrella when its raining.

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