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April 02, 2008



That is all such good advice. I don't have anything to add, as I am not a mother, only a daughter, and a wife. I do enjoy hearing what people think works, though.


Wow, I love it, I am going to print out their words of wisdom and put them up on my wall. Patience is the big thing, I have a hard time with that, but am working on it.

My only little, new mom, thing to add would be that we need to teach them they are a part of the family and need to contribute and share as a family. I see so often with American kids they are allowed to rule the family almost. I think that they need to understand that everyone gets a turn to make decisions, mom, dad, kids and that all need to contribute to the family, helping with small chores, etc. Thanks, Leslie!

Kal Barteski

And I would add that it is important to have big gut-busting laughs. BIG ones.


Dont rush the milestones. Enjoy the first smile, steps, and laugh dont rush to get to the next one they fly by SO fast.

Allison Wilson

Ah yes, patience. That goes for the making babies part too. Sometimes it doesn't happen right away. I wish someone had told me that. Mind you, for some people it does happen first thing.

Also, recently I was reading an article about tending a garden, the successful gardner being interviewed said that it was important to do little things all the time, rather than big bouts of effort every now and then. I really think that applies to parenting.
Games, crafty activities all those things. Just a little each day goes much further than concerted efforts every now and then.

Congratulations on your decision, you are in for some exciting times!


yes yes yes to all. especilly that daughters shouldnt wear more expensive clothes than their mothers.

I need to remember that more often!


Great advice and I would also add laughter-lots of it and just having fun together individually and as a family.


wow. i would have loved to be a fly on the wall. lucky you!

i would say, being a relatively new mama to really, truly try to relish in each moment spent with those you love. i try hard to stop during my time with jack and tell myself to remember how i felt at that exact moment. i want to remember how it feels to be with my boy forever.


listen to your child, really hear them and trust your mama intuition.

What a wonderful opportunity, I wish I had this insight when I started out. unfortunately, a lot of what I learnt from my childhood was what not to do.


I did my own survey when YOU were little, and one thing I remember is that we should not only play together, but also work together. (Remember all those work projects?)

Another friend (Linda B) told me that raising kids is a process, and even though the child may not remember one specific event or activity, it is part of the process to develop them into 'healthy' adults - like YOU!

One more thing - please pass along everything you own that is more expensive than what I own :)


daughters should not wear more expensive things than their mothers. (this was one of the husband's rules. interesting.) -- this one catch me. hehe. I really didn't know that. I really like the tips. good tips.


i'm storing those little words of wisdom away.


one more thought, leslie...continue doing all the things that make you happy. continue being your own person, which is one i am working on right now. you tend to get a little lost when you are a wife, mother, daughter and friend. i think it's important to tap into the things that make you smile and take time for yourself.

a happy mama makes for happy family times.


I would listen. And enjoy, like you do. I would also need a group like this.

sharilyn wright

wow, thank you so much for posting these things. I will be making sure to keep them somewhere!

I haven't been a mom long, but i think that I would add to the list:

Trust your instincts. (I never felt good about my daughter sleeping in her crib. I just really felt like she was safer sleeping next to me, even though I was constantly told not to. Later I hear that her crib had a major recall - many many babies have died sleeping in it)

A girlfriend once also told me:

"When you're a stay at home mom, only plan on doing one non-child errand a day" This advice has helped me a lot. Kids move at a different pace then us and it's just so easy to get caught up in our world. When I only plan on that one thing, there are less disappointments for both of us, and our days have gotten so mush lovelier since.

love to you! xo sharilyn


I love this post. May I link?


All fabulous advice! And I'm so with #6....which explains to me why the whopping huge diamonds look better on grandmas than on teenagers, or young twenty-somethings, for that matter.


Good advice :)


I love that list. Because it comes from women who are mature and wise. And because I feel good that we do all those things on a daily basis. So maybe I am not as bad as I think. Thanks for this post, Leslie. I need to read it today.


love that list.
take things slow. and don't over schedule. crazy how people schedule their children these days.


great list, I would add to enjoy every moment (even the bad ones) because it goes by in a flash!

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