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April 25, 2008



good for you leslie, i hope i can join you soon...


Japan has Mentos? i had no idea.

i applaud you for your self-care. i hope you have a macrobiotic-umbrella-filled summer.


I know you can do it - good luck!


woo hoo!
i went sugar free for the entire month of january - it was so good! and now, although i have some sugar, i don't want it so much.


Is that green tea Kit Kat? Intriguing! =)


i miss green tea kit kats....


you have given me some inspiration...thanks


Good for you! Me, on the other hand, I wish we had all the yummy Mentos flavors available in the US. No I don't...


hooray. so proud of you. (funny how it just "clicks" sometimes, isn't it?)


nice work! i'm trying to eat no sugar right now. it's tough because i LOVE candy. but when you think about how much healthier your body is inside, that feeling is much more satisfying than eating a candy bar. cheers to you, leslie!

jessica mcdougall


have you tried the chocolate/banana Pocky?
If not you should!
they are a dream and my current addiction


pocky is awesome!


Well done! I have been sugar free for nearly 3 years and love it!

-Emily in Norway


yay - good for you. that'll be me soon too :)


thank goodness the earth gave us natural "sweets" like maple syrup and honey! thanks mama nature!!! keep it up lady!!!

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