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April 04, 2008



My thoughts are with you, your mom and your family.


praying. i am.


wishing your mum and your family all the strength.
take care.


I will lift up your mom (and you and the doctors) in prayer, leslie. She is beautiful!


my mom had a spot on her face right below her eye that she too had burned and cut. it turned out to be skin cancer as well. she had it removed over a year ago. so far, so good.

i wish the same for your mama. i will be thinking about her monday. sending lots of good vibes...

take care and stay positive.


Leslie - thank YOU for the caring post - all about ME! And everyone - thanks for your prayers!


I will be sending nothing but good thoughts to your mum and to her doctors :) You're so sweet to post about her.


So sorry to hear this Leslie. I will be thinking of her, and you.


hey leslie...im keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. fingers crossed. candles burning. positive energy sent your way.


Yes, yes. Will do! *Hearts*

Allison Wilson

Best wishes for your Mum.

cindy k

positive thoughts are sent your way and to your mom.


my thoughts are with you and your family and I wish you strength. Nothing beats the bond of family.


My thoughts are with your mom and you. My dad and his father have had growths burnt off regularly for years.


your mother is in my prayers. she is beautiful.


I will think good thoughts for her, and for you too.

Violette Crumble

What a pretty mama! I'm sending her my prayers now and knowing that she'll get through this.

My mother's family (my great aunts and now my mother) keep having these cancerous growths removed. I wear my sunscreen every day.


Take care Leslie, I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers to your mama!

Lourdes Aleman

Leslie, I hope everything goes smoothly for your mom. Sending hope and caring thoughts your way.


Leslie, your lovely mum. Sending love to you and your mum. x

Creature of Habit

Leslie, I am sorry to read about your Mom. I will keep her in my thoughts and send all my positive thoughts her way!


Sending my best wishes to you and your mum x


keeping your mum in my prayers. My own mum had skin cancer last year and is missing a chunk of her leg..it had spread to her nodes and they managed to remove them but its so scary and I remember what you're going through....when we got the all clear from the tests that they had removed it all it was the greatest relief ever I just cried from relief and all the built up feelings....

be strong for her


praying for you and your mom. hugs.


Oh Leslie, I am so sorry to hear. I will be thinking of her and you and your family. Let us know how it goes.

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