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April 17, 2008



yah for change! sounds like a wonderful new chapter in your life! congrats!


Sounds like things are going well! TIme to do all the things that you like to do!!


change is good. congrats! i ordered from your shop a few weeks ago and noticed that you are in aichi-ken. i went to nanzan for a year. i miss it.


Congratulations. And I really like the little stone (clay?) praying people in your header pic today.


wonderful news! do what makes you happy. i am on that quest right now...

have fun!


Congratulations on the change! And still doing everything you love, too. The best kind of change.


Sounds like things are going great. I am so happy for you.


Wonderful - congratulations! You make me yearn to visit Japan, someday...I will. Enjoy this new time and your new adventures, we can't wait to hear about them.


Sounds wonderful.


Laura H.

congratulations and best wishes to your new starts and continuing adventures. i will enjoy reading about them in this space.


congrats on the new visa. i someday hope to visit this wonderfully beautiful land you can call home!

Kal Barteski

Sweet Deal little fish!! That's awesome and any step towards happier you means a good investment in forever.


congrats miss leslie! so much excitement for you- new visa, new classes. i bet all of your students love you- how could they not?
and what about this bearing much fruit? am i reading that right? wink wink


congratulations and its so great to not work ft or have regular commitments but I'd love to work in the kindy as I'm sure those japanese little cuties would melt your heart....and who knows you'll have your own little ones too



Wow...I can't believe how much life has changed for the both of us in the last few years. Amazing.


leslie. sounds fantastic!!!
congrats! and i love those cups too!!!
and those children! i can only imagine how adorable!

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