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April 08, 2008



Leslie, that's wonderful news. You must be over the moon!


I'm glad that you're mum is doing well!!

Love all those little gifts - minties followed by chocolate sounds like a plan!


I just love that pinecone poster. I keep wanting one, but not taking the plunge. I know they will all be gone soon.

I'm so glad your mom is ok.


God is good! Awesome to hear your mom is now cancer free!


Wonderful news about your mama Leslie!


so wonderful to hear about your mom. technology is amazing...my mom had the same procedure and it was wonderful knowing everything was fine before leaving the appointment.


so happy to hear the good news about your mom! yay! i ordered the pine cone poster from sharilyn last week, too, a little bit of canada for the baby's room : )


I'm so very happy for you and your mom. Cancer is a scary thing, and I'm thankful your mom's story turned out well. I've been thinking of you both.


good news about your mom! i am happy to hear that!


WOW! This is really wonderful news!! :D so happy and relieve for you guys!


I am so glad to hear about your mom, that is amazing that they give the results right away. Lovely gifts, you are a lucky girl.


so happy to hear about your mom.
with moes surgery her scar will VANISH in no time!


yeah for your mum that is just fabulous!!!! I knew she'd be great and its such a relief and how fabulous they do it there and then! we had to wait 2 days



A wonderful news about your mom! It is so nice to hear such good news. Always.


glad your mum is okay - technology is fabulous, huh?

and about the minties? Now that really is teasing!


Hello, would love to know how to get one of those leaves posters...also the pine cone one.
Great news about your mom too!


that is fantastic, fantastic, heart-warming, good feelin', joyful news!!!!!


Thank goodness mom is ok. She's a beautiful lady.


What a relief. Wonderful news Leslie!


whew. great news about your mom. i scrolled down to see the lovely portrait of the beautiful blond and the hat dedication.
keep it real indeed.

lindsey clare



I'm glad your mother is better.
And I do love your cherry blossom pictures. They're magnificent.


Those candies look good. I have never heard of them.


very, very glad to read that your mom is now cancer-free :-) as i know all too well about how very terrifying that is. and happy to discover that my favorite etsy fabric seller has a blog! goodness all around... not that the 2nd bit is nearly on par with the first, of course.


Yay! I am so happy to hear your mum is going to be ok! That has to be the best news around. Enjoy the weekend!

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