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August 21, 2008



Love that fan, I think it is very stylish!


i HATE heat...am headed to hong kong in a few weeks and am NOT looking forward to the heat. you brave, brave girl!


Oh, please, please make a fan! And if you do, would you post a tutorial? I am a great believer in carrying a hand fan, and you're right--it's hard to find one that's both functional and nice to look at.


I remember going into Mitsukoshi in Ebisu, or Takashimaya in Times Square Tokyo...and seeing shelves and shelves of all these wonderful clothes. I always bought a few terry cloth ones to use as wash cloths in the shower.


Yeah, we had a heat wave here in Portland last weekend and it was fierce! I love the idea of carrying a cloth with you, especially for drying hands after using rest rooms. How are they carried? In little plastic bags in purses to keep other things from becoming damp? A nice way to keep from wasting paper towels, especially if you could get a lot of people to start doing it.


Cool, like bigger handkerchiefs. Interesting idea. I love hearing little cultural things about japan that are so different from what it's like here.


how big are these cloths? such a brilliant idea!
and you totally could make a fan.
do it.

Creature of Habit

Those little cloths are so elegant. Like a more-substantial hanky?

How hot does it get? I assume it's also humid. The humidity kills me. It's not as hot on the East Coast as it is in Chicago, but it was pretty hot here for a while. I was NOT into it. I take winter any day!


You are "tres chic". I was never taught French but I think this is how it is spelled. You could so pull off making your own fan.

Hilda May

I am falling in love with japanese culture....our primary school have had a few japanese visitors over the years and we have loved having them over here in england.....the children especially love all the pretty things they bring over with them....love your blog
Rachel x


I love your fan, it is stylish. Glad things are cooling down!


that fan really is stylish (and necessary by the sounds of it) good choice.


My husband and I went to Japan in June for our honeymoon. By the end of the first week we had bought real umbrellas (not the little 'fold up and fit in a bag' type) and a sensu. By the end of the second week we had discovered the hankachi and acquired some of them as well (though I just learned what they were called from you). I can't imagine being there through the summer. The 32 degrees with that humidity we had on the last few days of our trip were enough!

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