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October 09, 2008



I've been wanting that book; it keeps appearing all over blogland. And I am jealous of the perfect piping - nice job.

cindy k

i've been carrying that book around with me ever since i got it. kind of like a kid with her blanky! i hope i'm the cindy k who was the 100th commenter. if yes,lov what do i do? i'm pretty sure i know what i'd like to call my own from your lovely shop. thank you! if it's not me, congrats to the other cindy k. my blood type is o+ ;).


yay for piping! it is so intimidating, yet ridiculously easy...if only more things turned out that way.


Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely enjoy reading your blog. I've been following a couples of month now and I love hearing about your journey in Japan. You have a reader from Florida!



I would love to read more about bloodtypes, this must be very interesting. :)

two little buttons

thanks so much for my parcel i got today, from japan craft journal. and thank you for your blog
i love it


Congrats on your successful piping attempt! I'm thinking about doing some of my own - fingers crossed mine will turn out as good as yours.


ok stop bragging about the book! kidding. I'm really intrigued by the blood group thing...what's that all about? I'm RH O neg what does that mean?


Sounds like a wonderful book. I love your pictures, always so fresh, clean and minimalist. Perfect.


I haven`t heard of the book before- will need to check it out.

When you say worker- do you mean for your shop? Cool! I am A also...It took me a long time to find out but many people, before I found out would ask me "What bloodtype are you?" and when I responded with "Don`t know" there was always a shocked face followed by "I bet you are A"

Bloodtype to Japanese people is like horoscopes to Westerners!

Also, did I miss the post where you answered everybodies questions from about a month ago? Or has it not yet come...

Hope you are having a faboulous weekend!


glad to hear all is well, love the piping, good job!


So is that how you do piping around a cushion Leslie? It's been on my list forever to try and search on it and you may have done the work for me. I am making some cushion covers for my mum for Christmas so may have to give it a whirl - trying to imagine how I could manage it on the zip side though????


So, there's a thing with different bloodtypes?
Please, enlight us!!!

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