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October 17, 2008



i need stretchy and soft bias tape---any up in the store?


Hmmm. A blog that I love. There are so many good ones to choose from. I would have to say Posie Gets Cozy (http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/). I love the mix of topics on Alicia's blog: crafts, business, recipes, pets, family, she covers it all and her photos are always *gorgeous*.


Oooh, that Lotta fabric is nice!
Okay. Besides your blog (which I look at every day...really!) I always check out Lena Corwin's blog. So inspiring.


hey you mean apart from yours Leslie !!!!! I love the blog http:// hyena -in -petticoats.blogspot.com


I love aunty cookie's blog www.auntycookie.com/blog


I love the toy society http://www.thetoysociety.blogspot.com/


I really love Mettes Potteri http://mettespotteridanmark.blogspot.com/


that prompted a fun browse through google reader! i think if we're talking about crafty blogs that aren't yours, my current favorite is probably two straight lines: http://twostraightlines.typepad.com/ she's got such great style and i love the simple project ideas she posts and her kids are so cute! she doesn't post super frequently, so whenever i see a new post of hers in my google reader, i get so excited!

but if we open it up to food blogs or photography blogs or just blogs of my very dear friends too.... well, i don't think i'd be able to choose only one.

but i DO very much enjoy reading (lurking on) your blog. i love your photos, i love the little glimpse into everyday japanese life through eyes that grew up in the western world. and i love the fabrics in your shop. someday i may splurge and buy myself a whole bundle. and maybe some of those cute stamps too.


I love Frecklewonder http://frecklewonder.typepad.com

She collects and sells AMAZING vintage clothes, her kids are cute, and her writing is humorous to boot!


i love me some wiksten!


I love your blog! Since you would like a recommendation for another one I love, it is http://aliedwards.typepad.com/. Not that I need more craft projects, but I might become addicted to her way of taking pictures, telling stories.


I like a bunch of the ones posted above, but I LOVE Doe-C-Doe http://doecdoe.blogspot.com/ .
When I came across this blog, I had to read back through all the archives in a couple evenings. Great inspiration, the most amazing thrifting finds ever, and lots of vintage embroidery transfers. So fun!


It is hard to pick just one! Of course I love yours, and I will add to it the newest member of my list, from Amsterdam:


Love your little dress and that stretchy seam binding sounds heavenly.



my blog is pretty sweet. theadventuresofjeneureka.blogspot.com


I love House on Hill Road. Anyone who loves green as much as she seems to HAS to be fantastic.

Jenn D

i love soulemama. because she reminds me everyday to celebrate the little things and little people in life.


my most most favorite blog is karyn's: makesomething.ca
she is the owner of one of my most favorite places to be in, the workroom, a cozy fabric store in downtown toronto.

Amy O

I love the tutorials at www.purlbee.com and I also like http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/wee_wonderfuls/ to see what new goodies Hilary is making. But there are zillions of wonderful blogs out there. zillions. And I do love your blog, most sincerely!


Well honestly yours is my favorite, at the top of my "drop down list" of blogs I read. But I also love glittergoods, house on hill road, and tiny happy for my creative inspiration. Also loving s i x o n e s e v e n, man that girl can knit! Of course soulemama too, but that's been said.


I enjoy and am so inspired by Tiny Happy: http://www.tinyhappy.typepad.com/

though I also adore Tree Fall: http://www.treefalldesign.typepad.com/

Design for Mankind

Oh Leslie--- I can't thank you enough for your sweet support on my blog--- I owe so much to you! :)


i can't go past loobylu.com, a favourite inspiration!


There are so many great blogs, but the one that I love so much is Posie Gets Cozy. I'm a great fan of the North-West and find some comfort (since I'm missing it so much) in reading her blog and seeing her pictures.


I love Liiviantalosa http://liiviantalossa.blogspot.com/ - amazing photography of the everyday and crafting. Paula x x x

Account Deleted

i love puhti:


there's a quality in her blog that is both inspirational and calming. and the things she makes are beautiful.



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