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December 04, 2008



I too had a velvet nap discovery recently, but my Mum taught me a few tricks on the overlocker that seemed to help sort it out (well, it worked on cushions anyway).


Oh, thanks, I'm a lucky girl!! But did you understand something about this weird catalan tradition?
Well, kids really do love it!


Hi Miss Leslie,
If you ever need something from the States, let me know! I'd be more than willing to help you out :)


Buri-chan is really cute sounding. would there be a cute name for Grace or Phoebe I wonder?
Um I am coveting your kleen kanteens. They are on my Christmas wish lists. For me my beau and both kitties. Is Christmas celebrated in Japan?
Sorry about all the questions. Lovely little blog.


I love your blog but whats with the fullstops in your sentences?! Its really hard to read.


My grandmother would call me by my middle name, akemi-chan. Thanks for making me remember that.


I am the lucky girl! Anytime, Leslie-chan.


I laughed when reading your velvet nap story - out of sympathy! I discovered than even corduroy has a nap! But given I was making play clothes for my kids, I decided to live with it! Do you know, you could just start a new trend, and deliberately make clothes with the nap running different directions...


I got a lovely pink Klean Kanteen from Yvestown recently and I love it.


Oh, I love my klean Kanteen too! If you ever would like to do a swap, I would be interested! (I am in the u.s.)I can send you mags or whatever else you might fancy!


I just love you blog. I have had such fun reading through all the posts.


Hey Leslie -- Let me add my voice to the chorus of those Americans willing to help you out anytime you seek something here :-)

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