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January 26, 2009



I wish I had more time to do the creative things I really love to do.


i wish for springtime! and a healthy baby in april!


3...made me laugh.
4.Wow! 20 countries...what was it like living in Bangladesh?

Three wishes
1. I wish I enjoyed my job more. I feel grateful to have a job, but I haven't been enjoying it lately.
2. I wish I was in the desert right now. Looking at the stars.
3. I wish I were already married to Tomory and that weddings would plan themselves.


i wish...
* for the summer. it's waaaaay too cold. working by harbourfront is not good at all in the winter.
* for white chocolate brownies and to be able to eat them without any adverse effects.
* i could go to 20 countries as well!
* to go to japan & greece
* to be fluent in french
* to learn japanese and german
* to get my career all figured out


ps: like wine, gossip girl gets better in time. :) i hope you'll give it another try...when you're bored. hardeehar.


Ahhh... milk! Whenever I visit Japan I have to go to the store to buy some milk! There is just something about the dairy in Japan that I LOVE! I would have loved to have met you when you came to Hawaii, but I live on Oahu. I enjoy your blog. It helps me to remember where I spent most of my childhood (Yokota). I read your post about come home! mag. I'm adding it to my wishlist of things to check out!


oh leslie...i use way to much paper too!

i wish i could see the world through my son's eyes. i predict i wouldn't sweat the small stuff!

great post!


You only sometimes wish money grew on trees... How about all the time? I wish I would hurry up and win the multi-million dollar lottery! I wish I had the money to travel to Japan and come home with suitcases full of fabric and sewing books. I wish my wishes would come true. :)


I wish I would win the lottery!

Miss Lady Finger

I wish my job was more stable. I wish I could speak French, Te Reo Maori and Swedish languages, fluently. I wish I could speak to loved ones passed on. I wish I could spend spring time in Paris again. I wish I had long hair. I wish I wasn't so sensitive. I wish I had more confidence to make the very most of my life. I wish I had a tray of freshly baked chocolate Afgan cookies right in front of me - I'd dip them into my cup of tea and feel so happy!
You lived in New Zealand? Where did you live?


i wish time would slow down so that my kids wouldn't grow up sp fast

i wish there were more hours in the day

i wish i could visit japan.... might get that wish granted this year- yipee!


Ah yes! There are [many] times when I wish money grew on trees. In fact, my mother always used to say that we had a money tree in the backyard when I was a kid. I believed her for quite a long time. Now I know it was just pure sarcasm.

Seriously though, I wish for good health and fortune for family and that my children grow into beautiful characters, and live a long, happy, life, full of love, lessons and adventure. If I only had one wish, that would make me the happiest. :-)

Melanie O

I wish... I lived in a warmer climate, I didn't have to work (outside the home!), I had more time to sew and craft...
and, I wish for an end to violence.
Thanks for asking!


I wish:

* that I could go back to Japan
* that the weather was a little less crazy - not 40+ for a week in Australia and the worst winter ever (apparently) in Europe and so reminding us that climate change is really upon us
* that I could speak German fluently

Janet McKinney

I wish to own that set of stamps. So handy to have a set of letters to use
Janet McKinney


i have a lot of wishes but what i really wish for right now is a good night sleep for me and the new baby. and a sewing machine and some wonderful fabrics!


I wish that I could have more free time and money :) Simple as that.


I wish I was fluent in Chinese and I'd finally find a job.


Hey Leslie,
I laughed re: the milk..not because of your allergies but remembering when we traveled to Japan in 2005 with our then 21 month old son who still drank milk from a bottle..and choosing milk and warming it up and sometimes wondering if we indeed have chosen milk..so many varities and interesting tastes!
However I digress...
My wishes....
#1-That the music world & Music listeners alike would acknowledge my partner and his bands amazing musical talent!
#2-That I actually land that freelance job or new Interior design position that helps me further in my career...
#3-health and happiness for my family and friends..
What more could a girl ask for...Have a great year to everyone..Lil


I wish for amongst the chaos of a working mother's day, 30 minutes of indulgent leisurely silence, to read a magazine from front to back, with a cup of coffee that didn't go cold.


Three wishes for a golden fish:
I wish my English was perfect.
I wish I would trek in our mountains more often.
I wish my sight would be normal again.


Thanks for the fun post, Leslie! I wish for all of my family and friends to be healthy and find joy.

jill scripps

i wish for a good nights sleep.
like sleeping until i wake up.
and not when my little ones wake up.

and i wish for my kids to be healthy!
*this winter has been crazy!*

and i wish for those awesome stamps.

i use too much toilet paper too.


I wish I knew the future.


i wish my kids would stay little forever - they are growing up way to fast.
i wish i had a body that could keep up with my mind.
and yes, i also wish for a good night's sleep.

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