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January 22, 2009



I, too, am pale, and not necessarily a sit in the sun kind of person. Because I burn easily. But I still adore the beach. There's something about it for me. I think its the sound of the waves, and the smell of it. The beach is different everywhere, but it is always soothing to me. So not because I like to sit in the sun, but because I like to sit and listen and watch something that is infinitely the same, but also infinitely changing.

I'm not sure what super great is for me either. I think it's always changing. Sometimes I love a vacation where there isn't much of an agenda. Sitting around. Other times I prefer to TRAVEL, and experience other cultures, etc. I've been on cruises that I've liked alot. I've been to naturey places that I've liked alot. I think it's the compilation of it all that is super great.


your pictures are gorgeous! i can't get over the baby in the bow-tie. priceless. glad you had a great time:)


Glad you enjoyed Maui... it is a great, beautiful, and relaxing place!
And the little guy in the bowtie... adorable!
Hope 2009 is treating you well so far!


And I live in Scandinavia and would like to visit Japan :)


It looks beautiful but I agree I am not a sit on the beach sort (in saying that I went to a wedding in Sicily and loved the relaxed nature of it all - beach, long lunches, swimming in the sea at 5 in the morning!)

So Scandinavia and Hong Kong - I love Scandinavia but have never been to Hong Kong so can't recommend it.... but Scandinavia - beautiful design, great architecture......countryside, coastline....


Looks like you had a lovely time! And coming back rested - that's a good thing. Not always easy to achieve on holiday. I was in Hong Kong nine years ago and it was certainly great then. Scandanavia is on my to-visit list too. H-Kun with the cereal sounds like me when we were in Japan - I loaded our suitcases with Japanese lollies!

Chery Lynn

Looks great Les... can't wait to hear more!
Glad you enjoyed it - and rested.


Oh yes, there is definitely a difference between traveling and holidaying.
My travel to do list includes Brazil and Japan.
And I'm sorry to do this, but I'm tagging you. Not to worry, you've already done this one, so I don't think you are expected to do it again. Unless you want to.
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cindy k

welcome home ... your photos are beautiful. and, the baby with the bow tie - super great! i love to visit beach towns, but can't sit on the beach either, too restless.


I LOVE Hawaii and am so glad you enjoyed it. I've been to Oahu and the big island, but never Maui. I hope to check it out soon. Surfing there is my favorite, and snorkeling, and just hanging out. Yes, it is the perfect place to relax. Glad h-kun was able to do accomplish his list!


my husband and i went to maui last year in early december and although neither of us enjoy sitting on the beach and getting a sunburn, we both love, love, loved snorkeling and we very much enjoyed hiking through the rainforest on the island and driving to the top of haleakala (where it was WINDY and cold!) and eating at some amazing restaurants.

i like the idea of making a distinction between "travel" and "vacation." where does visiting family in rural america fall on that spectrum? :)


ohhh looks lovely! my nana is off on her 3rd trip to hawaii this march and she just goes for the shopping and tells me the people are lovely!

how cute is the little man! adorable!


Creature of Habit

I'm with you.... Scandanavia is top on my list. So top that I'd like to move there!

I don't mind a little bit of sun and beach, but I am pale and it's not healthy. Plus, I'm beyond-terrified of the ocean. Well, sharks. And Hawaii has a lot of sharks. I'm fairly certain I would not even wade in that ocean without fainting.


So glad you are back.


beautiful photos leslie! i agree, hawaii is super relaxing, even though i find laying around on a beach, or by the pool a little stressful sometimes. i end up constantly moving, putting on lotion, finding shade, going in the water, getting out of the water...you get the idea.
and i love that pic of h-kun eating a whopper. i'm glad he checked that off the list.


Stunning ocean shot and that baby is just too cute for words!


I'm so glad you two had a wonderful time! My friend just got back from celebrating her 40th on Maui. She kept sending notes from her trip saying that she decided never to come back, and for us to please send money! I also had many places above Hawaii on my list of dream holidays, but I now I can see that I wouldn't turn down a trip to Maui (if anyone's offering). And that photo of the little man in his bow tie makes me smile so broadly! He looks so serious and distinguished!

PS: I love your new header! Are you planning to change it monthly this year?


I love that place. And that photo of the bouquet is stunning as is the little shirt-less guy with the bow tie. Glad you had a relaxing time. That is what Hawaii is for. But there are many other places I would like to go to.

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