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January 08, 2009



Hey, careful with the drug dealing


Oh could you? I would love an issue of Come Home! My dream has always been to live in Japan and I still hold out some hope.


Oh, are you going to sell them in your Etsy store? I'd love to have some of these magazines!


ooh, that Come Home looks good! I've been getting my Milk fix at my local Barnes & Noble amazingly. They've been carrying it for about a year now.


hook me up, hook me up!!! i would love to get my hands on an issue of come home. (i love the french milk, it's one of the two magazines i buy) how will it work, will you post them in your shop?
this could be dangerous leslie...........

Creature of Habit

Wow - those are gorgeous. Man, I wish we has magazines like that here... sigh. Yet another reason to travel to Japan! :)


Happy new year! I'm just catching up with the blogworld and you dangle this carrot....how can I resist? Please to the Milk mag. I've been wanting to see the inside of one of these.

Hope you had a good holiday season, too!


oh would you? could you? I'd love come home

jacqueline yeo

o! what a great offer :) I would love to be hooked up to both (if i can afford them... ) please lemme know how! :)


Big fan of Come Home. Have you seen Homestyle and Igokochi (イゴコチ) yet? I bought both of them this month, because they are just so beautiful. Do you ever read Tennen Seikatsu? I am in love with Japanese magazines, and when I see American ones now, they just seem so overloaded with advertisements, and hyperactive.


hi! i would love the new issue of 'come home!' - im not sure if you post to australia? anyway let me know how much it would cost (i have a paypal account so thats no problem). thanks so much!! xx


Hiya! I found you through many various craft blogs and would love a copy of this magazine, how much would it be to ship to Melbourne?
You can email me at: windydaysblog@hotmail.com
Thanks a bunch! :) :)
Lovely blog too.

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