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February 24, 2009


Gretel E

Hi Leslie,

I am loving my new sewing machine. I learned to sew many years ago, but haven't been at it for a while now, and I have rediscovered my love for handmade! I can't wait to receive my fabric from your shop so I can make something with it! Congrats on a beautiful blog too. I really enjoy the read.


I love that you don't know the rules - you hadn't told me about getting a ticket! I remember when I lived there, it took almost a year before I realized that the signs that I thought meant 'yield', actually said 'stop'!!!!!!!!!!! I just went by the shape - same shape as yield in Canada. Maybe the red colour should have been a clue. Good thing I didn't get a ticket.


I love your random lists! I'm also loving having a newborn around the house again. It's really nice slowing down to do things at their speed, esp with the confidence of secindtime parenthood. (What's *hard* is switching gears constantly b/t that of a newborn and a nearly three-year-old...)

Kirsten Hamelin

i love the daffodils jack gave me today. he was so proud to present them to me.
ps. thank you mom xo


i am loving crochet. and knitting. and cross stitch. but mainly crochet, because i'm so new at it.

i love your blog, but it's not quite the same i think.


ah... these days i love hearing my son read. it's like watching another world open up for him. it's sweet music to my ears. i love his teacher too. she is so patient and so good with the six year olds. what a treasure.


i'm loving that the days are starting to get longer over here. it means i'm almost out of the winter slump and spring (beautiful, wonderful spring) is right around the corner.*sigh*

Melinda Josie

I love that the snow storms here are the last of the season. I love that spring is on the way, and that I won't have to wear a winter jacket much longer.

Laura Casey

LOVING my husband and my kids. LOVING sewing fun projects and giving them as gifts. LOVING reading blogs and feeling inspired. LOVING having coffee with girlfriends. LOVING the quietness of my house now that everyone is sound asleep...


i am loving sitting here with a cup of tea, flicking through my japanese sewing books & feeling inspired


I love the feeling in the air that spring is just around the corner!

kurara der

i love snuggling with my kiddies with a good book, such as one that we recently discovered, George & Martha.


I am loving the air that smells of spring although snow still lies on the ground.


I am loving chatting with an old friend I haven't seen in 2 years.


I am loving planning for the spring crops in my garden.

Clair S

I am loving the kisses & hugs I am getting from my 2 little boys & loving my husband & loving cool mornings before hot, hot days.


Leslie, i enjoyed reading your list of random things. This is such a fun post! Love it! Yep i want those frames as well..thanks for showing us a better view of how they look! Love that movie slumdog millionaire, watch it while i was at Germany with my fiance. Im a polka dot lover too and it is also illegal here to talk on your cell phone while driving.

These days im loving the inspiration i received and still is receiving on how best to organize my fabrics since im in the mist of trying to do some “spring” cleaning and re-structuring of my fabric storage space. I’m also loving my new little compact sewing machine!

Have a lovely merry happy day! Thank you for this lovely giveaway! It is such fun to host a giveaway as im also hosting my very first giveaway on my little bubble space. Love to you and yours!


Of course I can't not enter. I'm loving the fact that my one-year-old son is learning how to eat with a spoon. That he is such a big boy. And the feeling of spring being right around the corner along with new opportunities. And orange tulips on a turquoise polka-dotted tablecloth.

Julie Nelson Rhodes

It's a simple thing: but I am loving plum jam on toast. Just need a little cloth to wipe all those sticky crumbs away now!

(Great give away Leslie - thanks!)

lindsey clare

stripes and polkadts definitely go together! or at least, can both be loved at the same time.


I'm loving my fingers. That ten short and way-too- small fingers that keeps making things days and night except when I asleep. And I love them even more everytime they write letters, either long or short ones.

Thank you for such a sweet giveaway, Leslie:)



Loving my daughter's brand new puupy. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, puppy breath.

cindy : quaint

i love your random list. i always have a handkerchief with me. i collect them. would love no. 6. thanks for the giveaway.

Erin | house on hill road

sewing for fun. that is what i am loving.
{would you do a custom pinch pouch frame order? with the book?}


I'm loving the snow because if I'm not loving it, I'm going to go nutty! I'm also loving my very, very warm, handcrafted mittens from a Northern Saskatchewan reserve. Hand died aqua swede with the most lovely intricate bead work.

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