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February 24, 2009



I am loving the knitting!


I am loving the sloooow approach of spring. A little more sunlight. Temperatures creeping upward. Wetter snow. Wetter roads. Eventually we'll see grass and buds. If it all came at once, we might not appreciate it.


I'm loving hanging out with my 3.5 year old. We're both on vacation, and we're having fun going to the marché, buying our morning baguette, and going for merry-go-round rides. We both go back to school next week, but this has been lovely.

I'm also loving your blog! It's so fun to read about your adventures.


Hi Leslie, I'm loving life in general at the moment! I just got engaged and I have also just got a new sewing machine although not been brave enough to do much yet! Your stuff is so beautiful!


Watching Enzo grow in front of my eyes. He seems different to me, more grown up. As I am excited in seeing becoming his own person it is sad at the same time. Maybe I need another baby? :)
I love your random posts. Maybe I should steal your idea.


I'm loving spring approaching, the evenings are getting lighter again - I can walk to work whilst reading my book and I can walk home reading my book!


I love your random posts....

I will tell you what I love - your new header! GORGEOUS! I'm also loving the little bit each day that the sun sticks around. I walked home today at dusk, not darkness. Before I know it, it will still be sunny. Whee!


I love afternoon naps after a hard day of teaching.


I just remembered something else I love right now! MALLOMARS!!!!! It's Mallomar season....eeeeeee!


I am loving the idea of making my own soap this weekend...


I am loving my littlest friend Giangiacomo. He is 1 today!
...and I am so glad you are enjoying writing of random things Ms. Leslie...because I am TAGGING you!


Is the cloth a tenugui or is it called something different?
Liberty fabric is amazing (but so expensive!).

Nay Nay

I love ice cold water on a hot day! Yum!


im loving all the rainy days we've been having. its so fun! im sure you agree! especially walking or riding bikes in it. gotta love it.


I'm loving shiso hijiki sprinkled on rice. I'm loving my daughter's newly discovered imaginative games. I'm loving the crocuses and snowdrops that are popping up everywhere. I'm also loving drawing with black pen on white paper. love the mini towel.


Hi Leslie! Thanks for offering the giveaway, the Liberty strip is lovely. I'm loving the longer days, it's so nice after a dark winter. You just feel like you can do more, if you know what I mean.


what a sweet giveaway!

I am loving getting up early and having quiet time with a cup of coffee, and I am loving picking greens from my own little garden patch out by the mailbox. Thanks for getting me to take some time to think about what I'm loving!


Hi Leslie!

I'm loving coming out of my shell and de-lurking as of late. I've read a couple dozen blogs a day for about a year and realized that actually letting folks I follow know that I lovvvvvvve them would be a kindness I had previously overlooked.

I'm also loving oil cloth, my tae kwon do class, and going to bed early so I'm rested to start the day.


OK OK. I love this little cloth, it would be great to wipe noses and mouths with. I am loving the lengthening of days, the fact we are eating dinner and it is still light out.



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