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March 27, 2009



Let me just say that , I honestly look forward to each of your posts , especially to see your beautiful photos! once I'm back at home I'll be making those yummy looking scones! you should definitely make summer tops , the fabric is gorgeous! I'm lol that you've now added rice growing to h-kun's list :o) and your bib is adorable whether it's small or not , it's such a great creation :o) dancing sounds like a plan...


Oh, those scones look so yummy. And a man who makes yogurt and sews is a definite keeper!! =)


you would be shocklingly surprised at how small babies necks are...seriously.


The scones look delicious.... it's funny, I worked with a guy from Montreal for a few years and he could NOT keep "sconces" and "scones" clear. He'd call wall sconces, "scones" and scones "sconces". And now I can't keep them straight either.

Say it a few times and you'll get the giggles!


Those scones look scrumptious!
Unfortunately, no maple syrup to be found around here, will have to get some from home (Quebec City). I just received my order who made it all the way to Uganda. That first fabric on your pile is just amazingly beautiful in real life ! I wish I would have gotten more. Now I must set my mind on what I will sew out of it....


I've been an avid reader, but not so much of an avid commenter. So sorry! :) Just wanted to say that I'm so excited [and a little sad at the same time] that you're able to move back home! Hope you enjoy your remaining time and have a smooth transition!


Okay, I'm at work right now and craving scones! Those look so yummy. I love the fabric pile and summer shirts are a great idea. That bib looks really cute and h-kun sounds like he is going to be a busy guy ;)


Those scones look SO good! I am all for the dancing, I think it is a great idea.

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