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March 24, 2009




Best wishes to you. I'm going to pop into your shop and start buying. An international move is expensive, so every little bit will help, right?

I remember returning home from Italy where I had been for 6 years. No doubt about it, it was hard to settle back in. But, in the end I did and now I'm in a very happy place.

Good luck to you!


Wow! What great news. I hope you enjoy these last 7 weeks. Well, I'm sure they won't be your last. You'll vist often I'm sure. Japan is a place that seems to draw you back... even if it's just a vacation.

Good luck with everything and how very exciting!



Wow, what a great adventure for you two this year! It's funny how we feel like nothing is happening and then before we know it somethings happened to change our life! Have fun with it!

Melanie O

Wow! Sounds like something positive and I wish you all the best!

Jacqui from Mee a Bee

Gosh! I'm surprised and thrilled for you. It's fantastic news although sad to be losing a friend here. 7 weeks is going to go so quickly. WOW!!! we will keep in touch though, right?


wow.. i'm excited for you guys. tho i can imagine how sad it must be to leave japan. hope you have the best 7 weeks :)


Wow - that's exciting!! Enjoy the next 7 weeks! I am sure that you will.....


Fantastic - but will you still keep in touch, even without all the Japanese goodness? I know there is plenty of Canadian goodness - I lived with some for a few years! I'm really happy for you and only hope the months between May/June and October pass quickly. Back to Alberta?


oh, no!
where will i buy gorgeous japanese fabric from?!
see - it's all about me...

but really - congratulations! what an exciting time and i wish you and your husband allthe very best.


This is very exciting news - I'm so happy that you've found a new direction, and wish both of you safe travels and good luck. Enjoy your last few weeks of living (for now) in Japan!


Wow - you must be beside yourself! That job sounds just perfection. It seems a very positive move for your both - I wish you all the best!

I too am looking forward to your Canadian goodness, photos and adventures.

Thank you for sharing your life in Japan...I've enjoyed every word and photo.


wishing you the best!


oh leslie i am so happy for you, but so sad that i won't get to buy anymore 'good-ness' from you :-(

funny how the universe can provide something just when you need it-yay!


wow what great and exciting news! I am so happy for you both that you are following your hearts! I am sad that your japan stories and goodies will be no more, but I am so excited to hear about all of the new adventures ahead of you! Congratulations! -kb


Hey Leslie, i hope we get a goodness blog in Canada ?? It has been a fab blog to read and look at. All the very best to you two on your brand new adventure, take care xx


Oh!.. Now that I found your little shop you will close it down?! Can't believe it! At least I hope the blog will continue, because it is beautiful the way you tell us about live. I wish you all the best and a lot of fun in the coming future. I'll go shopping now...


i'm smiling big for you! congrats and best wishes. it sounds like you get to live your dream. Yay!


Leslie, i feel excited for the both of you but sad at the same time that ill be missing the shopping at your "good-ness". Best wishes to you. I hope you will continue blogging here for i really love your little cozy bubble space! I'll be seeing you at the shop! Love to you and yours!


wowza! that is some big news! It sounds like you are so excited. wishing you all the best during this transition time.


whaaaaaaaat!?!?! so so so exciting. what a wonderful adventure! thrilled for you both!


wow, congrats! how exciting. wishing you all the best and keep us posted on your upcoming adventures! xo.


wow! congratulations! a new chapter in life, for sure. enjoy your every last japanese moment!


congratulations, again leslie. Canada is super excited to be getting your goodness and so am I. Looking forward to meeting up with you in person. have a super fun seven weeks. xo


I’m excited for you and h-kun! Enjoy your 7 weeks! Wow, back to Canada for you! Hope your future together will be wonderful!


yay! this is so exciting! enjoy your last weeks in japan and i'm excited to hear about your new adventures in canada.

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