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April 09, 2009



Those pudding jars are too cute. Next time I'm in Japan I'm totally going to peruse the dairy section at the market. ;)


Love those pudding jars! Tetris is totally addictive - I once played it on a drive home that took an hour an a half, I looked up as we rolled into Seattle and said to Royal "are we home already?" Time just disappears with that game.


You find interesting jars! Are you bringing all your jars when moving back? I bet it will a little heavy but worth it!
I love Kyoto. Kiyomizu temple is my favorite.
Reading your post made me feel like going to a different country!


Hey Les, I hear your moving to my neck of the woods. Apparently your mom met my husband today when I wasn't here....crazy huh! I hope there will be a chance for us to see each other when you get back.....I know I will be in a line up of a whole lot of people wanting to see you. Keep me informed richkristy@gmail.com



Those little jars are so sweet! Love that illustration with the grazing cows.


I love those pudding jars! I hope you will be able to bring back all your milk bottles and jars! Loving tetris too! Have a lovely merry happy easter weekend and love to you!!


If I were you, all I would do is eat pudding to get those jars. Seriously! Hope you don't mind if I post them to my blog and link to you.

Great finds always!


Love the puddin' jars! Man, I wish we had stuff like that here!


Tetris is absolutely the best phone game. It is the only one I've bought for every cell phone I've ever owned. Good choice.


I collect those pudding jars here in Australia! They have them with milk custard inside at the 'bread top' Japanese bakery chain. The jars don't have any printing on them at all and come with little plastic lids - they remind me of squat versions of the old fashioned milk bottles...http://www.flickr.com/photos/soozs/294050664/in/set-72057594068348140/


i downloaded tetris on my ipod. important to teach the kids, i think.

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