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May 04, 2009



I have a little bit of Japanese alphabet to catch up on, but before I do, I'd love to be in for the draw - I think I could come up with a 110cm kid just in the next room. Thanks for the chance!


you are getting awful close to the end of the alphabet! how sad! i am going to miss reading about these lovely japanese customs and words!


My 110cm daughter would love that! All the best with the big move. I've enjoyed seeing Japan thru your eyes!


My daugther hasnĀ“t not yet reached the 110 cm, but soon she will! ;-)

Janet Rhoads

I would LOVE to have the story of red and blue for my son Jake! He's only 9 months but someday he'll be 110 cm. lol I hope your trip back to Canada goes smoothly! :)


Oh, my son Markus, who turned three years old last Tuesday, would look supercool in the Keith Haring t-shirt.

Good luck with moving back home, I will miss your shop and all the great help buying Japanese magazines. Hope you will keep on blogging!


kai would love the bear t-shirt. so cute! you're going to miss nihon so much! be sure to stock up on shiso konbu!


super cute for my son or daughter!


the top one is awesome. Enzo would rock it. :) a girl one, there is always a niece who could have cute t-shirt.


I will miss your beautiful posts on Japan... hopefully you will keep writting about all the goodness in Canada. I wish you all the best!


oh my. The cuteness! My daughter would wear it and love it and when she grew out of it my son would get right into it! I am so going to miss your japan :(


Oh, how generous of you! My son will certainly grow into one of those shirts and I have no doubt he would love knowing it came from Japan.

Enjoying your alphabet.



Oh man, I am heading straight to Uniqlo the next time I'm in NYC....


I'm sad that you're leaving Japan, because I like ordering fabric from you, and reading about Japan in your blog. But you can come to NYC and shop at both Uniqlo and Muji. Not quite as great, but a small consolation.


So cute. I think my son would love that first tee and my daughter the second.

Miss your shop and thanks for the great fabric at the super prices!

lindsey clare

ahhh Uniqlo. Tim and i spend quite a bit of time in there. mostly cause they are everywhere. he bought a few tshirts. and i got an Astroboy tee from the UT collection. a bit cheesy, but how could i not?! i wish i had bought more Uniqlo things, but the dresses did NOT fit me well (as cute as they were).


Ohh, so cute! My daughter would love those. Do they have an online shop?


Oh, pick me pick me. I must visit there in person now. How cool. I will really miss your awesome fabrics and stories of Japan.


those are so freakin cute. whoever gets to wear those are very lucky babies in deed


Thank you for the give-away. I will also miss your posts on Japan and Japanese life. Hope you'll continue your posts from Canada.



Your alphabet posts are bringin back such great memories of my years in Hokkaido...I could almost smell the "pan-ya" in that picture :)


I will miss your posts from Japan too- your appreciation and enthusiasm for the country always comes through! Those little t-shirts are super cute :)


i'm sure my 5 year old girl could fit in the T perfectly! ;) thanks for the awesome giveaway! hope to continue hear/see/read your life in canada soon! :)


My little niece would love one of the super cute tshirt. There are no Uniglo shops here in Melbourne. Love your blog.


boo hoo nearly at the end of a little good - ness . the t/shirts are really sweet .

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