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October 05, 2009



Great list! I especially like numbers 6, 18 and 23. I'd like to do those things too! Hope you have a great year.


happy birthday leslie! This is a great list. 9 is something I want to do, too. and i'm especially in love with 3, 17, 24, 26 and 30!

ali - the dotted line

i love this idea, i might have to be a copy-cat :)
# 2, 8, 9, 12, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 28, 31, 33 would all be on my list...
happy {belated} birthday - i hope the next year brings you all these things plus lots and lots more :)


This is an awesome list. I like many of them. Except I wouldn't want to travel in Italy. Maybe because I have already done it. :) Might have to copy your idea in March. Hmn, a list of 32 might be a long one. :)


Happy Birthday, Leslie! I loved your list. The commom thread seemed to be the life-enriching nature of your hopes. Anyways, lovely thoughts.

Amanda Elizabeth

thats an awesome list!!!! A king sized quilt sounds delightful!


Loved the list! Sewing a quilt is on my list, too. :)


what a great list leslie! i need to do this, but perhaps i'll start with a something a little smaller and work up. i'll pretend i'm 20. :)

lindsey clare

happy birthday leslie! i do hope you get to go on a ferris wheel!


I would love to help you with number 2, come to Seattle sometime! And Blurb is great, I made a book on there last spring, the software was really easy to use and the book turned out great. I have all the fabric for a king sized quilt, but am stumped at figuring out how to machine quilt a king quilt, and how I will fit it in my washing machine - I am toying with the idea of making two quilts then finding a creative way to join them, so I can separate them to go in the washer. Great list and Happy Birthday!

Olivia Udagawa

Oops! I didn't know it was your birthday! Hope it was a happy one. As for your list, I think I can help you out with# 8 & 10 and I've got a great recipe for #30 for you...I'll bring it next time we meet.


happy late birthday--i turned 28 at the end of september. looks like we're fellow libras! hope you accomplish all of these things in your 34th year!


excellent- I like it! Happy Birthday! I just had my b'day on the day of your post! maybe I should have a list of things too... its a great idea


Happy Birthday~ i enjoy reading your list. it is great!

tami lyn

Happy belated birthday! It's funny I should stumble upon your post today, as it is the day I turn 32. I will have to follow suit and make my own list, it is such a lovely idea. Would your etsy shop be Canadian-goodness? Although I have to wonder what Canadian-goodness might be... touques perhaps?

P.S. Yeah Vancouver Island!


happy birthday! ohhh I'll be 34 next year and think a list is overdue!



oohhh this is such a good idea!



I like that list - some humble items and some big ticket ones. Happy Birthday Leslie and looking forwarding to sharing the journey of ticking things off the list. I'm turning 40 next month - I think that may be a good time to share a list of my own!


excellent list! a lot of them seem relatively doable! well, you've a year left, and if even half of these are checked off, it will be a great year.


I like this thoughtful list. happy belated birthday!


Hi Leslie !! I need a list like this too. And one of things to be thankful for. We painted a blackboard wall this weekend just for such lists.

I hope you're enjoying canada - I have a lot of your blog to catch up on !!

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