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December 05, 2009



These are so great. Nicely designed, and I like the purpose they serve! I should be better about my budgeting-totally agree with you about the cash-only thing.
How about giving us a little zip-bag tutorial?


what a great idea for budgeting. and cute too!

Amanda Elizabeth

This is such an awesome idea, I've been reading a lot of different methods to budgeting and I love that your making it fun rather than blah!


love the wallets...what a great budgeting idea. i need to do the same thing!


These pouches are adorable, and so well-crafted! The tags are a great touch. They remind me of little zippered pouches I found when I was in Japan.


I miss having your craftiness near by! I may have to copy you here.~Leah (the terminally terrible at keeping in touch with people she loves. New year's resoultion- to give you a call!)


those are fabulous and such a great idea! love them!


these are wonderful!


what a great idea! these are amazing leslie. i love the colored zippers.


leslie! so cute and such a great idea!!!!


What a great idea, I sometimes try to use the little plastic bag system (sometimes it works!), these are so much nicer!


They look great - what a good idea! I never carry enough cash.


Those bags are super adorable, me thinks I might attempt to replicate (we'll see how that goes). Also, thanks for the idea to make a list of things to do between birthdays, mine's coming up soon, so I've made my own list too(and started a blog to keep track of it!

dsi r4

Very lovely hand bags you have at home and I like the way it is shown and explained to everybody.. These are really so beautiful.


hello! i'm going to be in japan for a month or so, and was wondering; would it be better for me to sew up a change purse or a wallet? i've heard you end up with a lot of change more than bills? these are lovely, i hope they com in handy for you!

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