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August 22, 2010



I have a very short attention span when it comes to craft projects. It's been that way since I was a kid; I'm sure there are still bags of half-finished projects in the closet of my childhood bedroom! I think it comes from being so excited about each new idea I have and not wanting to wait to try it out. So I am constantly discovering projects I started so long ago and wanting to finish them, but not enough to put down the newest project. It's a vicious cycle!

PS: I have a jar of Crofter's in my fridge. Plain old raspberry spread. It's the best I've ever tasted, so now I'll have to wait for it to go on sale again or buy it at full price. Damn Whole Foods for hooking me!


that quilt is looking great already! :)

how exciting that you can feel akachan moving around! :)


looks like it will be beautiful!


Feeling that squirmy baby is absolutely the best thing about pregnancy. I missed my bump dearly both times mine were born.

And I'd have chosen that jam too.


I love hearing your comments on the pregnancy. It must be such an incredible feeling.

Those jams are excellent - we tried the North America and Europe ones, which were both fantastic. Just wish they weren't so expensive.


That quilt looks great! I was pawing through my fabrics yesterday, but with our house under remodel, I have not space, and told myself I would just have to be patient. And I am with you, I totally choose books by their covers.


Leslie, What news about baby!! I haven't been online recently b/c I'm a new mommy (at least relatively new). Enjoy your time quilting, knitting and doing fun things now. When the babe comes, you will be mommy 24/7 with little time for yourself. Not that you'd care, you'd be marveling at the beauty of your babe.



Where do you get your cool fabrics from in Canada, or are they all from outside of the country?


lindsey clare

Leslie, i can't believe you're 23 weeks and still wearing regular clothes. that is great. i am 13 weeks and practically bursting out of all my pants (and bras! gosh).


I love the fabrics you are using for the quilt, in fact I love all the fabrics you have. The quilts are going to be beautiful.

I didn't realise that you were already 23 weeks along! Time flies, and it's not even my baby!


Oh Leslie, it's been so long since I've "spoken" with you, and now that you're back home, I wanted to say "Welcome back and congrats on the baby!"

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