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September 22, 2010



Really, you've never seen a sci fi movie? Ever? Not even Star War? Not even the new Star Trek? You should! They're awesome! (I'm talking about the original Star Wars here - not any of the new ones).


Don't worry about the class. You are just learning to really see. That is the key. Leave your mind open and don't worry about the results, and most importantly, draw something everyday. Your skill will eventually improve. You might even surprise yourself.


That is really gutsy and I am sure you will thank yourself. You are a beginner so really you have nothing to prove.


What a lovely shot of the soba noodles! Good for you on the drawing class, I am sure you will enjoy it.


Have a wonderful time in your art class! Do not at any time judge yourself as unable to paint or draw... just enjoy each exercise, relax, and see what comes.

My hairstylist is also a very talented watercolor artist. She loves handing supplies to anyone who thinks they can't paint; with very minimal coaching from her they have all produced work you would swear was by someone who had at least a bunch of lessons :)


It will be great, and so will you. Relax and draw (and paint).


I really love the simplicity and clarity of your photographs. And your style of writing too. Well done. Enjoy the painting! As a professional illustrator I find I like my results best when I don't put too much pressure on myself.


absolutely beautiful photos of some of my favorite things!!! :) simple beauty!

curious how the drawing class went! i've been wanting to take one, but like you, i feel that i can't draw at all--i don't even think my stick figures and doodles are all that great! ha!

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